Sophie Hannah's New Year's Eve hairdo, which includes braids and tinsel.

8 Easy New Year's Eve Hairstyles To Fit Whatever Your 2021 Mood Is

Courtesy of Sophie Hannah on YouTube

Even if you're just watching the ball drop from the comfort of your home, there are plenty of ways to make this New Year's Eve just as special and memorable as all of the rest. Given one of the best parts of any holiday is getting dolled up, you'll definitely want to do a cute New Year's Eve hairdo to complete your look... even if the rest of your look is sweats. You may not be leaving your home, but that doesn't mean you can't go out all out with your hair.

With 2021 almost here, that means one thing: 2020 will finally be over. If that alone isn't reason enough to celebrate, I don't know what is. And you don't need to spend the evening at a swanky party or dancing at a club to best ring in the new year. Schedule a Zoom call with some friends, hang out with your household, or get dressed up for a cozy night in with just you.

Everyone wants to walk into the new year as the best version of themselves to start the good vibes right away. That's why I'm going to be spending my Dec. 31 in some fresh new loungewear, with glitter all over my face, and rocking one of these cute NYE hairstyles.

Elle Believes

"If it's one day out of the year other than your birthday, it's New Year's Eve. You've got to slay. You've got to bring in the new year right," Elle Believes says as she opens her video, and I fully agree. She went with two super glamorous looks that really amp up curls and texture. All you need to get voluminous hair like this is a trusty curling wand.

Sophie Hannah

New Year's Eve is all about bringing the sparkle, at least according to Sophie Hannah's four looks. This tutorial was made with short hair in mind, but it's super easy to recreate these styles at any length. And remember, you can never have too much bling, especially not on NYE.

Lexis Hair

For those who don't like a lot of fuss or looks that take a ton of work, Lexis Hair's "Last Minute NYE Hair" only takes about 20 minutes to recreate. You'll end up with a fun, bouncy pigtail look that goes with any outfit.

Maddie Perry

Maddie Perry has several great tutorials you'll be able to follow whether you're a novice or practically a professional stylist. If you're in a hurry, you can definitely complete some of these looks in five minutes or less.


One way to automatically feel glamorous is by adding some extensions to your hair and giving it a loose wave. To be honest, extensions intimidate me, but LadyCode makes them seem so easy to do. She has all the secrets to ensure none of your shorter hair peaks out.


LaceNLeopard is chock-full of wig advice to help you achieve the look of your dreams. If you struggle with personalizing wigs, she also explains different techniques to get exactly the look you want.

Kayley Melissa

Grab your bobby pins to mimic Kayley Melissa's chic hairstyles. I love her unexpected use of the pins and how she creates an affordable way to elevate classic hairdos.

Sona Gasparian

If you're searching for total NYE inspiration, Sona Gasparian has ideas for your look from head to toe. In less than 10 minutes, she guides you through makeup, hair, and outfit ideas for NYE that'll ensure you rake in the compliments.