Cardi B & Offset's Body Language At The 2019 Grammys Was Confusing, To Say The Least

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The Grammys almost never fail to leave us all with plenty of juicy tidbits to unpack in the days to follow. In this year's case, this is particularly true when it comes to Cardi B and Offset's seemingly strange dynamic, which left me scratching my head in confusion. Although Cardi B and Offset's body language at the 2019 Grammys seemed OK at times, there were also moments that didn't land well with fans.

First off, being the first female solo rapper in history to win "Best Rap Album of the Year" is a massive accomplishment. Even if Rap isn't your musical genre of choice, any woman who comes out on top, especially in a male-dominated arena, deserves all the props. That said, many fans were overcome with irritation that Cardi's infamous bae kept finding his way into her spotlight throughout the evening. We may never know why Offset thought it was cool to turn her moment of glory into a shared accomplishment, especially given his history of cheating and the fact that they were on the brink of divorce less than two months ago, but it is what it is. To get a deeper look into what the couple's physical dynamic says about their current relationship status, I spoke to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence. Here's what she had to say.

Cardi was most certainly the star of the show.
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I, for one, found it totally annoying that Offset couldn't let Cardi have her moment without inserting himself into the situation whenever possible. That said, he was her date and is a rapper himself, so it's understandable that he'd be by her side on the red carpet. According to Brown, it was still clear that she was the main attraction.

"This one is all about her, he's kinda ignored over in the corner," Brown tells Elite Daily.

Offset's clap was definitely lacking some genuine enthusiasm.
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"I have never seen someone with such an uninspired clap and bored look on his face than him," says Brown. "And her eyebrows say that she's worried. So far these two aren't having a connected couple moment at all."

Sure, Cardi's dress is a little extra and might've kept Offset from getting in too close, but his lackadaisical energy still seemed out of place.

Then, he came on stage to show his support.
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"They finally got themselves on the same page," says Brown. "Notice how tightly he's holding her hand as she reaches for him? And he's looking her in the eye the best he can in support."

Even though it's tough to speculate exactly how Cardi felt inside about a surprise on-stage visit from Offset, her fans took to Twitter to make their fury known.

It's not clear exactly where these two stand.
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"We see her looking good for the camera here, yet, still, her head is tilted toward her man," observes Brown. "His attention isn't really fully focused on her or the camera and his hands are folded in his lap."

Although Cardi announced in December that she and Offset were officially calling it quits, their behavior with one another during yesterday's awards indicate that they're probably back on. However, Brown also points out that it's tricky to know exactly what's going on with them, as he's a bit hard to read. "He's got a bit of a blank look on his face," says Brown. "He may not have been quite ready for this shot or he may just be generally checked out. These two seem like they're on-again, off-again, and it should be interesting to see how their relationship plays out."

Despite Offset's past indiscretions, the bottom line is that Cardi is a strong woman who is more than capable of making her own decisions. Moving on from an ex is one thing, but unless you've experienced it firsthand, it's hard to understand the dynamics behind divorce. (Especially if there's a child involved.) For all we know, Cardi and Offset are doing everything they can to make it work for their baby girl, Kulture, and that's nothing if not admirable. We'll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for these two.

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