Twitter Has One Big Question For Offset After Watching Cardi B's Grammy Acceptance Speech

by Ani Bundel
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Last year's Grammys weren't great for Cardi B. Despite becoming a household name by sheer force of personality, she only had two nominations in 2018, neither of which was part of the televised broadcast. Before the red carpet was over, the news was out she'd lost both, giving Twitter a field day to be as brutal as they wanted to be over her snub. Her nomination haul is a little higher this year, with five in all, including Album and Record of the Year, both major categories. But these tweets about Cardi B's Grammys win don't even care about her win. They're mostly concerned with Offset.

This year, Cardi was nominated all over the place. Her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, was critically acclaimed when it arrived back in April. Though it technically falls into the "Rap" category for Grammy voting purposes, there's enough trap, Latin, and R&B motifs that it feels fresh in that genre. Grammy voters apparently agreed with the critics and gave the album both a nod for Best Rap Album as well as Album of the Year.

Invasion of Privacy spawned no less than six singles, with the lead single "Bodak Yellow" receiving Grammy nominations (though not wins) last year. This year, that same love split between the album's third and fourth singles, "Be Careful" and "I Like It," the latter of which was done with Bad Bunny and J Balvin. "Be Careful" was nominated for Best Rap Performance, like "I Like It" scored a Record of the Year nomination. On top of all that, Cardi also has a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her work on Maroon 5's "Girls Like You."

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But her win for Invasion of Privacy turned into fans asking what was up with her partner, Offset. Why was he on stage?

One of the reasons Offset's presence on stage with Cardi to celebrate her historic win upset fans so much was due to the drama in their relationship. It wasn't that long ago that Cardi threw Offset out and went back to being single, even though she has a child with him. She did so because, as she told the world, he cheated on her, an understandable decision.

But the breakup didn't last. As many of these complicated relationships often do, Cardi took him back, first as a friend with benefits and now as her partner again. But while she may have forgiven and moved on, her fans have not. Offset's presence on stage rankled them.

If Offset's career success was on the same level as Cardi's, this also might not be a big deal. But Offset, as part of the Migos trio, wasn't a household name on his own until his marriage, separation, and reunion with Cardi became tabloid fodder. To too many, his actions look like a man riding the coattails of a more successful woman.

But as one lone Twitter voice reminded everyone, fans aren't in this relationship. Cardi is.

No one really knows what goes on between them. Perhaps she wanted him there. Congratulations to Cardi B on her win, no matter what.