Camila Mendes' Zodiac Sign Reveals She’s A Caring Partner

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It seems that Riverdale star Camila Mendes has been living her best life since reportedly splitting with her co-star Charles Melton in Dec. 2019. She confirmed her new 'ship with photographer Grayson Vaughan on Sep. 3 by posting a pic of them embracing on IG with the caption, "that long distance kind of love." Although the actress appears to be taken, Camila Mendes' zodiac sign reveals that she is one of the most loyal SOs around. Born on Jun. 29, Mendes is a kind and empathetic Cancer. Here's how her Cancerian traits manifest themselves in relationships.

She's very in touch with her emotions.

Cancers are known for feeling all the feels all the time. Their inner emotional landscape is vast, which can make it tough for their partner to accurately assess their mood. Being so tuned in to their emotions can be both a blessing and a curse depending on where they are in the growth process. More mature Cancers have learned to communicate openly about what they are feeling, but less-experienced crabs may be triggered if their partner can't read their mind.

It may take her a while to let her guard down.

Cancer learns pretty early that wearing their heart on their sleeve is typically the quickest way to fall for the wrong person. Coaxing them out of their shell can take a while, but the treasures hidden deep inside are well worth the wait. Once you have been brought into their inner-circle, you'll never want to leave their cozy embrace. Cancer will shower you with elaborate meals, tempting desserts, and loving whispers until you are filled to the brim.

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She loves with her whole heart.

There's nothing a Cancer takes more seriously than matters of the heart. For those who are a bit more casual about romance, experiencing Cancer's unique brand of love can feel a bit overwhelming. However, for those who have been searching for a committed partner with a big heart, Cancer definitely won't disappoint. This is the sign that will trek through the snow to bring a sick friend chicken noodle soup, or take a sick day at the drop of a hat to help a loved one in need.

In the end, crabs make for great long-term partners but tend to shy away from overly casual situation-ships as they are prone to catching feelings. That said, with the right match, Cancer will learn to let go of past baggage and embrace the exciting possibilities.