Camila Mendes’ Anniversary Instagram With Charles Melton Is Unbelievably Romantic

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse aren't the only Riverdale actors who transitioned from an onscreen romance to an IRL relationship. As much as I shipped Archie and Veronica, I may be even more into Reggie and Veronica, and that's good, because Charles Melton and Camila Mendes are actually a real-life item. Just as Betty and Jughead are collectively referred to as Bughead, fans quickly dubbed Veronica and Reggie "Veggie," and I'm as in love with them onscreen as I am when the cameras aren't rolling. If you haven't yet seen Camila Mendes’ anniversary Instagram with Charles Melton, the couple is celebrating one year of beautiful loving, and I am still swooning.

These two first sparked dating rumors back in early September of 2018, when Mendes shared a photo on Instagram of a Labor Day boat hangout with some Riverdale cast members. It all looked pretty innocent — except for the fact that she and Melton are wrapped up in the same towel. Now, almost one year later, Mendes posted this super-sweet pic of her and Melton smooching on a boat with a sunset in the background. Mendes captioned the photo, "365 days. i love you." Apparently these two have a thing for getting cozy on the high seas.

Mendes didn't actually confirm their relationship until Oct. 7, 2018, after weeks of speculation from fans (and apparently, after she'd already been dating Melton for well over a month). Once again she shared a telling photo on Instagram, but this time, only she and Melton were in the pic looking majorly coupled-up. Just in case there was any ambiguity, Mendes captioned the pic, "mine." Even though Reggie and Veronica wouldn't hook up on Riverdale until well into season three, Mendes and Melton didn't hesitate to share their IRL love after Mendes' early October announcement.

While these two post plenty of pics of each other on social media, they actually keep the details of their relationship pretty private. During an an interview with LA Confidential back in March, Mendes confessed that, while she doesn't usually mind sharing intimate details about her life, her relationship with her costar was something she wanted to keep to herself.

"In my day-to-day life, I am an open book," she said. "But I've also developed this sixth sense. I understand how my spoken words can translate into written words and how things can appear out of context. It's like, yeah, even though I feel comfortable talking about some things, do I really want to see it written over and over again? Sometimes, it's not really worth it." That totally makes sense to me!

Even if I don't know all of the details of their relationship, I now at least know their official anniversary date (Aug. 23!) and that — from the way these two look at each other — they're more than likely head over heels for each other. Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds. Next Aug. 23, when you two are inevitably celebrating your two-year anniversary, I promise to send you a fruit basket.