There's A Hot New Couple On 'Riverdale,' So Betty & Jughead Have Some Competition


When Riverdale first began, it was unclear who was going to end up with whom. Archie was romantically torn between his longtime bestie Betty and alluring new girl Veronica, and Jughead kind of just kept to himself. But now that the show is in its third season, it has actually kept its central relationships pretty solid for a surprisingly long time now: Betty and Jughead have been going strong for so long and Archie and Veronica have as well... until recently, that is. It looks like Veronica has moved on, because now Veronica and Reggie are hooking up on Riverdale while Archie is off on his own.

Spoiler alert: This post will contain details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 9, "No Exit." Although fans have been guessing it may happen for a while now, Wednesday night's mid-season premiere of Riverdale finally saw Veronica and Reggie making out at the very end of the episode. And with that, we officially have a new, steamy relationship at the center of the show — fans have already dubbed the pairing "Veggie."

There were a ton of signals that Veronica and Reggie were becoming more than just friends over the course of the first half of Riverdale Season 3. When Veronica opened her speakeasy at the beginning of the season, she hired Reggie to be her right hand man in the venture, and has continued to rely on him through all the trials and tribulations that the fledgling establishment has been put through. As they grew closer, Veronica and Archie started to grow apart. Veronica tried to visit Archie as often as she could when he was in prison, but they simply could not be together as much anymore. And once Archie broke out of jail, he split town and effectively broke up with Veronica over the phone.

Now that Archie is totally out of Riverdale, living in a cabin the in woods in Canada, it was only a matter of time before Veronica and Reggie turned up the heat. After the two are able to thwart Hiram's plan to extort money out of the speakeasy, Veronica and Reggie lock eyes and share a passionate kiss.


Of course, this is also an exciting moment for fans who follow actors Camila Mendes and Charles Melton in real life, because the two are actually dating outside of Riverdale as well. After a few months of dating rumors, Mendes and Melton confirmed that they are really a couple back in October, and they have been going strong ever since.

And this is not the first time that an IRL couple have also played a couple on Riverdale. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have been dating for a few years now, after their characters of Betty and Jughead began dating at the end of Riverdale's first season. So now, there are officially two couples on Riverdale that are also dating in real life. I guess that is just what happens when you star on a show full of hot young 20-somethings, huh?