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V & Jimin Revealed There Are Actually 2 BTS Songs Inspired By Their Friendship


One of the cool things about BTS is they occasionally break into sub-units for certain projects. Sometimes, they divide themselves depending on their positions in the group, like the vocal and rap line or maknae and hyung line (youngest and oldest members), and other times, they team up with specific members because they just mesh so well together. BTS' V and Jimin's quotes about their friendship explain what inspired their Map of the Soul: 7 track "Friends," and reveal another track that was inspired by their close bond.

In honor of BTS' seven-year anniversary as a group, the guys once again broke into sub-units. BTS first teased their surprise on May 28 when they shared their FESTA schedule that revealed "Answer: BTS 3 UNITS PHOTO AND VIDEO" was coming on June 9. Thanks to the word "unit," fans took it as a sign a few projects were coming involving specific members.

On June 8, the group then released a series of "family portraits" featuring Suga with RM, Jimin with V, and Jin with J-Hope and Jungkook. This made fans really suspicious because in BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 album, Suga and RM collaborated on "Respect," Jimin and V teamed up on "Friends," and Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook worked together on "Jamais Vu."

Once June 9 finally came around, fans discovered the surprise was the guys discussing their collaborations. "Friends" is a personal song for Jimin and V, so fans were eager to hear what they had to say.

"We've never made a song about me and Taehyung's old days, so I thought, 'Why don't we try?'" Jimin said.


Jimin said he and V have changed so much since first meeting as teenagers. "Now I'm more patient and can understand why he's acting that way or what he's thinking or why he's saying it," he explained. "We still have a lot more to build and more things to learn, so I believe we have room for improvement."

V and Jimin then discussed about their infamous "dumpling incident" that involved them fighting over when to eat dumplings. They've mentioned the story a few times, but what ARMYs didn't know is the incident happened around the time V wrote "4 O'Clock," which he released with RM in 2017.

"I told you I wrote it when I went to the park with you. It was four in the morning. That's how I wrote 4 O'Clock," V told Jimin.

Watch V and Jimin discuss their friendship below.

Knowing what V said, the song will only make fans more emotional when they hear it.

V and Jimin's friendship is truly something special.