BTS Wished Jungkook A Happy Birthday With Some Seriously Sweet Messages

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

First and foremost, let me start out by sending all of the birthday wishes and love to none other than BTS' Jungkook! The famous pop singer, dancer, and my personal hair inspiration is celebrating his 22nd birthday today. And since nobody knows how to party quite like BTS, the band is taking the day to honor Jungkook on his 22nd time around the sun, showing how much they love and appreciate him. In all seriousness, if you haven't already seen BTS' tweets for Jungkook's 22nd birthday, they are incredibly supportive and so, so sweet.

Any BTS fan knows that Jungkook, whose birth name is Jeon Jung-kook, was born exactly 22 years ago today, on Sept. 1, 1997. All of the pop star’s fans, friends, family, and most importantly, his bandmates are celebrating his special day, but one of the first major birthday wishes was from the BTS Twitter account, which posted a text message from Jin to Jungkook…”. According to the fan account @modooborahae, the English translation is: “[trans] Jungkook-ah, hyung is 1st^^-Jin Jungkookah, Happy birthday. I’m sending this early bc I might forget a few days later.” Take a look at the original tweet, below.

Following that first message, the rest of Jungkook's beloved bandmates took to BTS Twitter account to celebrate him in all his glory... and I don't know about you, but my heart is quite literally melting. Jungkook's bandmates had nothing but sweet things to say about the now 22-year-old singer. So if you're mentally prepared for your heart to explode into a thousand pieces, take a look at what the rest of BTS had to say to Jungkook on his big day.

RM posted a couple of hair-raising pics of Jungkook along with his birthday message.

And Suga posted a sweet birthday message, in which he marveled that his bandmate was now 23. Yes, although Jungkook is 22 by international standards, his Korean age is actually 23 since age is calculated differently in the country.

J-Hope then took to the group's Twitter account to post a silly snapshot of Jungkook looking in the mirror, wishing a happy birthday to the youngest member of BTS.

J-Hope also posted a fun clip of the two BTS stars dancing together to celebrate Jungkook's big day.

Jimin also posted a short video for the big birthday.

OK wow. Clearly, Jungkook is loved by each and every one of his fellow BTS bandmates and BFFs. These tweets are way too sweet, and for real, it just goes to show that everyone out there needs a posse like BTS.

Oh, and as you can probably imagine, the BTS Army is going wild in the Twitterverse today. That’s right — the band’s fanbase wants to the beloved k-pop singer just how much he’s loved and appreciated on his special day. Twitter even experienced issues right when Jungkook's birthday began! So take a look at what all of Jungkook’s fans wanted to say to him in the tweets, below.

After seeing the flood of birthday wishes from his fans and fellow BTS members, Jungkook took to Weverse to post a thank you note, which also promised a special treat for fans later in the day:

Jungkook has been inadvertently stealing the show lately. Although he hasn’t been particularly active on social media, the k-pop singer posted a photo of himself earlier this week sporting super long hair… and honestly, he looked absolutely amazing. Jungkook has been away on vacation, apparently enjoying himself tremendously, so he decided to let his hair grow out (because seriously, #longhairdontcare). Since its 2019, fans are hoping he’ll try out a man bun with these long new locks, and IDK about you, but my fingers are crossed.

It pretty much goes without saying that Jungkook's fellow BTS members, as well as the entire BTS ARMY, are excited to wish one of their favorite k-pop performers the happiest of birthdays. Jungkook seems incredibly grateful for all of the love and appreciation, and you and I both know he deserves it more than almost anyone else. HBD, Jungkook!