Fans Want Jungkook To Do This 1 Thing To His Hair After Seeing His Latest Selfie

Ken Ishii/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I didn't truly understand why people said to be careful what you wish for until Jeon friggin' Jungkook came into my life. I think anyone in the BTS ARMY knows exactly what I'm talking about. The members of BTS generally do not grow their hair out. Usually, when their hair starts getting particularly flowy and tussled (you know, right around when it starts growing past their ears), they chop it back into a shorter, neat style, dashing any hope that the member in question would soon have long, messy hair you could run your hands through (read: dream about running your hands through). But Jungkook is going where no BTS member has gone before and growing his hair out to lengths fans never even imagined. And no matter how hard the ARMY wished for this, they were still totally unprepared. BTS' Jungkook's new photo of his hair looking longer than ever has fans totally flabbergasted at the levels of hotness emanating from Jungkook's being. Like, how is it humanly possible for Jungkook to look that good?

Anyway, while Jungkook and the rest of BTS are on an extended break resting up before their inevitable comeback in late 2019, the boys haven't left ARMYs hanging. Each one has been updating us on Twitter about what they're up to. RM has been visiting museums in Korea. J-Hope flew into L.A. for some mystery project (maybe with Becky G?), Jimin attended Alec Benjamin's concert in Korea, V has been doing carpool karaoke on the regs, and Jin went to a Korean music festival after going fishing with Suga.

Jungkook has kept things low-key and hasn't been updating fans on Twitter quite as much as the other members (which is totally fine and his prerogative). He hasn't given fans any clue of his whereabouts, but he's updated fans on what he's been eating (a lot of ramen according to his Weverse posts). But he just posted a new selfie to Twitter that has the fandom fanning themselves at the sight.

It's a closeup selfie of Jungkook riding along in a car. Honestly, there's not much to say about it other than his hair is just so dang looooong. Check it out:

Do you need a minute? Take all the time you need.

OK, you good?

According to a translation by the fan account @BTS_Trans, Jungkook's tweet was not a warning message to fans that his hair is likely to knock them out on sight, but rather a totally-unrelated-to-his-hair message about how happy he has been on his vacation.

"Armys! You’re all doing well, right?" he wrote. "I’ve been spending every day really happily thanks to you guys haha. Thank you so much."

I'm so happy Jungkook has been living life to the fullest on vacation. But now, fans just have one request for Jungkook as his hair continues to grow: Man bun, please?

I'm not saying I don't want to see Jungkook in a man bun, y'all. But after seeing how lethal he's become just by growing out his hair a few inches longer than usual, I just have one warning: Be careful what you wish for.