This Video Of BTS' V Rapping Animé's "Blackjack" Will Get You So Hype

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ARMYs are swooning. Well, they always are, to be honest, but they have a new reason to swoon today. The BTS boys are already in the habit of randomly posting charming videos to their Twitter account, but on the morning of Aug. 13, V posted a video of himself rapping. And the video of BTS' V rapping Amine's "Blackjack" is the subject of today's collective BTS ARMY swoon.

The video was gifted to fans on Aug. 13, fresh off the heels of the third BTS movie, Bring The Soul: The Movie, already out in select movie theaters globally. The video shows V (one of BTS' vocalists) lip-syncing to an Aminé track called "Blackjack." It's just a short sample of the song, but in the video, V lip-syncs (lip-raps?) the following "Blackjack" lyrics:

I'm too fly to fight / Can't afford my price / This a white tee (clean) / B*tch, bite me (hey!) / I'm on the high (I'm on the high) / They on the low (they on the low) / You're killin' my vibe (killin' it) / Get out my zone / Said, I'm on the high (I'm on the high) / They on the low (you on the low) / You're killin' my vibe (killin' it) / Get out my zone (get out my zone, b*tch)

Fans are saying this video is a whole vibe.

They love the video so much, in fact, that V started trending on Twitter in a bunch of different countries. The BTS ARMY effect.

Yeah, they're obsessed with this video.

Now, remind me why V isn't in the rap line? lol. JK. JK.

The BTS fandom was blessed with a lot more than just a short lip-syncing video with the Bring The Soul movie. The movie released on Aug. 7, allowing fans to see performance footage from BTS' hella successful Love Yourself: Answer World Tour, but it gave the fandom something special with its behind-the-scenes moments, as well.

When RM, Jin, Jimin, V, Suga, J-Hope, and Jungkook weren't on stage performing or backstage getting ready for a show during the movie, they were seen at a dinner table on a rooftop in Paris talking about their lives and careers together. It gave fans an intimate look into the private moments the guys have when they're just relaxing and hanging out, and to no one's surprise, the guys talked about how moved they are by the support of the BTS ARMY during this rooftop convo.

At one part in the movie, V said, "I love you more than yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow," and it had the whole fandom swooning. It was also included in the end credits. This guy just loves to give the swoon-worthy content, I guess! (That saying has been around for a while, of course. V didn't create it. But it was a touching thing to include in the movie, nonetheless.)

The #fanlove from the BTS ARMY is so intense. They really make anything these guys do trend on Twitter solely out of how much they love them. It's pretty bonkers to see a short video of V lip-syncing can start trending on Twitter, but I guess that's just how big the BTS fandom really is.