Jin From BTS Dyed His Hair Blonde, Which Has ARMYs Swooning *So* Hard

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone who is relatively well-versed in the world of K-Pop knows that fashion is a huge component of public appearances, music videos, and live performances. BTS is no exception, and a really important part of the boys' ~lewks~ is their hairstyles. K-Pop stars are constantly dying their hair different colors, and every time they do, it's a really, really big deal. At the moment, for example, ARMYs are totally swooning at the sight of BTS' Jin's new blonde hair, which he debuted in Brazil on May 25, 2019. I, personally, am a huge fan of it.

If you're a BTS stan, you're probably already in the know about Jin's latest hair update, and it is a good one. According to a Twitter fan account @seokjinpicss, BTS' Jin decided to basically break the internet with the debut of his hair dyed completely blonde. His light yellow locks are change from the light brown 'do he was sporting just a week a go during the band's concert at MetLife Stadium. And not only does he look straight-up fabulous with his lighter hair, but also, fans are finding it to be super sexy.

For real, though — if you haven't already seen Jin's gorgeous new head of hair, make sure to take a look at it, below:

OK Jin, I see you... you're looking mighty fine.

In typical ARMY fashion, fans are ogling over Jin's new hairstyle. If you haven't gone on Twitter yet today, definitely take a look at their supportive responses — they probably articulate exactly how you're feeling right now, TBH.

Many fans on Twitter are taking note of the fact that Jin is blonde again. That's right, y'all — this is not the first time he's sported such a light hue. Apparently, per Channel Korea, he rocked the lighter locks back in February 2019 as well, and based on these incredibly positive responses, it probably won't be the last time.

If you somehow weren't able to tell, fans definitely stan blonde Jin.

You probably recall another recent BTS hair update from about a month ago, back in April 2019, when BTS' V dyed his hair black for the Fact Music Awards in South Korea. It was super simple, very sleek, and, to be completely honest, he looked drop dead gorgeous. Bottom line: fans were going buck-wild over the sight of it (myself included!). Anyway, in terms of BTS' hair colors, a few of my favorites have to be when Jimin dyed his hair purple for the SMAs earlier this year in January 2019 (because f'real, it looked incredible!). I was also swooning when RM dyed his hair black at SBS "Inkigayo Super Concert," which — hands down — was his classiest look yet. As you can tell, BTS members take their hairstyles very seriously, and so do their fans. While we don't know who worked the color magic to actually dye Jin's hair, it's safe to say whoever did it is mega talented, because just look at how much people are loving it.

As a member of the ARMY, you might have a No. 1 crush among RM, Jimin, V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, or J-Hope. Regardless of who you love the most, though, you know their fashion sense and ever-changing hairstyles are a huge component of their performances. Jin's new blonde hair is truly striking, and it seems as though everyone agrees. Blonde Jin — you're slaying the game.