BTS’ Jimin Just Surprised ARMY With A Live Cover Of V’s “Winter Bear”

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When the BTS boys aren't busy selling out stadiums, growing their ARMY, and generally taking over the world, they like passing the rest of their time by supporting one another. A recent video posted by BTS' Jimin shows him doing exactly that by covering one of his bandmates' solo songs via livestream, plus giving fans a live cover of one of his own solo songs too, because you can never have too much Jimin. BTS' Jimin's live performance of "Winter Bear" and "Promise" has ARMY freaking out.

In one 19-second video from the livestream posted to Twitter by @btsarmy2018x, Jimin and J-Hope are sitting around with V when Jimin starts singing V's recently-released solo single "Winter Bear."

He starts singing the lines, "Imagine your face / Say hello to me" and then J-Hope jumps in and starts singing along as well, all while V giggle's in the background. Another video, posted by Twitter user @perfectlyjimin, shows Jimin listening to "Winter Bear" and dancing along to the song — well, kind of dancing along. In the video, Jimin is actually just sitting in an office chair in a room, waving his arms around and rolling around on the chair because there isn't much space for dancing, but let's be real, the BTS boys can make any space into a dance floor.

BTW, in case you were wondering, "Winter Bear" is all about V wishing the song's subject a lovely night of sleep. He sings, "Looks like a winter bear / You sleep so happily / I wish you a / Good night, good night, good night / Good night, good night." Though it's not clear who "Winter Bear" is about, it's probably safe to assume V wrote the sweet song to ARMYs.

If you thought that was the end of Jimin's public displays of affection for V's "Winter Bear," I'm excited to report that I have even more where that came from. In a 19-second clip posted by Twitter user @Hearts4Jimin, a super-focused Jimin can be seen playing the recorder perfectly to the tune of "Winter Bear" with some background noise from whoever else is still in the room, presumably V and J-Hope.

Jimin then transitions into singing his own solo song, "Promise," which dropped back in Dec. 2018. The track, produced by Slow Rabbit and written in partnership with BTS' leader RM, features two and a half minutes of Jimin's dreamy vocals and is all about loving yourself. In a video posted to Twitter by Twitter user @honeywater_jm, Jimin basically sings the entire song during the same livestream where he sang "Winter Bear." The best part of his performance of "Promise?" He looks into the camera the whole time, making it feel like you're being serenaded by him personally. More of that, please!

You can check out the entire 33-minute livestream on V-Live, which mostly features Jimin but also has guest appearances from V and J-Hope. In case you haven't guessed, I've already watched it several times. Happy viewing!