BTS' Jimin and V

10 Cute Jimin & V Moments That'll Have You Singing "You Are My Soulmate!"

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After doing practically everything together since 2013, BTS has become so close they're like brothers. In fact, they're so used to being a team of seven that whenever one of them isn't around due to scheduling conflicts or health concerns, it just doesn't feel right without them. Jimin and V were friends even before they joined Big Hit Entertainment, so they're especially inseparable. Through the years, the duo has shared so many heartwarming moments, fans can't count them all. They make one of the greatest pairs because they're not shy about expressing their affection for each other. Although this list can never capture all of BTS' Jimin and V's cutest moments, these 10 show how deep their bond really goes.

From their cute interactions performing on stage and their adorable selfies on social media, to their playful, sibling-like bickering, fans can't get enough of Jimin and V because they're total friendship goals. They've known each other since they were teenagers at Korean Arts High School, and their years of being in BTS only made their relationship stronger. It's clear to fans they'll be friends forever and these 10 moments between them prove it.

1. When V wrote Jimin a heartfelt letter.

During the Season 2 finale of BTS' vacation series Bon Voyage, the members each wrote a letter to someone in the group and read it aloud. V's note to Jimin was so touching because he thanked him for always being there for him when he needed him most.

"After 6 years like that, you are now my dearest friend," V told Jimin. "When I am in the bathroom crying, you cry with me. You also come to see me at dawn to laugh with me. You care about me and have me in your thoughts. You work hard for me and you understand me. You listen to my concerns and like me even though I am lacking."

They were both in tears thinking of everything they've been through together, and V finished by telling Jimin, "Let’s walk on a road with happiness. I love you buddy."

2. When Jimin and V danced together at Gayo Daechukje.

At the end of the 2018 Gayo Daechukje, Jimin and V were dancing so close, you would wish you could cut in and join them. After they had their little moment, Jimin playfully shoved V and then they broke out into choreography with the rest of BTS.

3. When Jimin comforted V during Bon Voyage Season 3.

According to Koreaboo, V's grandfather passed away shortly before filming for Season 3 began, which is why he joined the guys later on in the show. At one point during the season, V got emotional while sitting by the camp fire. Whatever the reason, Jimin was there to be a shoulder to cry on for V.

4. When Jimin and V gave each other the biggest bear hug.

The pair gave each other the biggest hug at the 2018 Genie Music Awards and fans couldn't get over how cute they looked as V lifted Jimin off the ground.

5. When Jimin and V were inseparable during Bon Voyage Season 4.

Bon Voyage is always filled with so many brotherly moments between BTS, but Season 4 was all about Jimin and V. During one of the episodes, Jimin found V in his bed without a blanket, so he went to find one for him and they ended up sleeping beside each other. The cutest part of the season, however, was when they ran into each other's arms and fell down in the snow together.

6. When Jimin and V argued over dumplings.

Jimin and V's Map of the Soul: 7 duet "Friends" is an ode to the two's friendship, so of course, they snuck in cute references about their past in the lyrics, including the line, "The dumpling incident is a comedy movie."

Jimin didn't reveal what the dumpling incident was until a March 2020 VLIVE. According to a translation by @doyou_bangtan, Jimin said he and V once fought over dumplings because they couldn't decide whether to eat them before or after dance practice. In a June 2020 YouTube video, V revealed the incident not only inspired "Friends," but his 2017 collab with RM, "4 O'Clock."

7. When Jimin and V performed "Friends" for the first time.

Jimin and V's first performance of "Friends" during BTS' 2020 Bang Bang Con was worth the wait because it was the purest thing fans have ever seen. They hugged, held hands, and sang "You are my soulmate" directly to each other, so if that's not the definition of friendship goals, I don't know what is.

8. When Jimin and V had a spontaneous photoshoot.

During a June 2020 episode of Run BTS!, BTS tested their fashion design skills by having them put together an outfit for another member. In the end, they showed off their final products by having a photoshoot. Being the best friends they are, Jimin and V took their photos together.

9. When Jimin and V cuddled together.

Just like Bon Voyage, BTS' other vacation series In The Soop also showed fans an inside look into the guys' friendships with each other. When V went to go wake up Jimin one episode, he was so tired, he ended up joining him and cuddling.

10. When Jimin and V sang "Friends" while competing against each other.

Episode 127 of Run BTS! had Jimin and V written all over it. Toward the end of the episode, they played rock, paper, scissors while singing "Friends." It was hilarious because they kept tying, proving they really do share the same brain cells.

Jimin and V complement each other so well and that's why they make the perfect pair.