BTS’ Jimin Debuted Silver Hair and it's causing ARMYs to go wild on Twitter.

Jimin From BTS Is Back To His Silver Hair & Every ARMY Is Having A Meltdown

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

As if the debut of "Black Swan," the new BTS single, wasn't enough for ARMYs everywhere, Jimin is breaking the internet yet again with a throwback look that's totally on point. ICYMI, BTS' Jimin debuted silver hair and has fans losing their cool on Twitter. ARMYs haven't had such a swoon over Jimin's hair color since he switched to a cool shade of blue-grey back in November.

A new year, a new single, and a new album on the way should be enough to make ARMYs lose it, but TBH, adding silver-haired Jimin into the mix makes it all too much. Fans are still trying to recover from the drop of "Black Swan," as well as BTS' announcement about their comeback performance. The boys just announced that they will be appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday, Jan. 28, where they're set to perform "Black Swan" live for the first time. It's basically impossible to avoid losing it over the news of Jimin's silver hair in addition to everything else.

Jimin's history with silver locks goes back a while. During the band's "Blood, Sweat, & Tears" and Wings era in 2016, Jimin first appeared with a silver style that was like a stormy day. The dark silver shade came up again in October 2019 during the final shows of the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour that year. His current shade of silver is a throwback, but appears to be a bit lighter this time.

Reactions from ARMYs are more than elated about the hair change:

And it's clear that Jimin is taking over trending topics right now with his hair alone:

Jimin's silver hair is totally becoming his most iconic look and fans are so glad it's back:

At the same time, fans can't wait for the new album to drop. BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 won't be released until Feb. 21, along with the band's lead single off the album.

"Black Swan" has already caused quite a stir, with its deep lyrics about BTS' passion for art. Fans are loving the new tune, but it's easy enough to get distracted with that countdown for the full album. Since there's quite a while to wait for MOTS: 7, it's easier to focus your energy on "Black Swan" and the return of a silver-haired Jimin.