BTS Announced Their Comeback Date & ARMYs Have NO Time To Prepare

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The BTS ARMY has been waiting for what seems like forever, but it's finally happening. BTS is making a comeback with a new album and it's happening really soon. Fans knew the announcement was close, but now that BTS announced their 2020 comeback date for real, the BTS ARMY can't believe it.

Just a day after RM and Younha shared their collaboration for "Winter Flower," BTS announced their 2020 comeback on WeVerse. The group released a load of details about their comeback, including the album title. Fans previously thought the album would be called either Map of the Soul: Shadow or Map of the Soul: Ego, so you can imagine their surprise when it turned out to be neither. Instead, the album is called Map of the Soul: 7. Fans were very confused as to what "7" could mean, but knowing how passionate they are about BTS' overall message, the ARMY is fast at work coming up with theories for the meaning behind it already.

Next up, BTS revealed fans can pre-order Map of the Soul: 7 beginning on Thursday, Jan. 9, and the album will drop on Friday, Feb. 21. That means fans have just a few weeks to prepare until BTS gifts them with plenty of new music. For now, those are all the details BTS revealed about their new album, but they promised they'll release more info on Weverse and their official Fan Cafe soon.

According to fans, BTS' announcement on Weverse read,

Hello. BTS MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 will be released on Friday, Feb. 21. Pre-orders will begin on Thurs, Jan. 9. Additional details about the new release will be available on BTS Weverse and the Fan Cafe. We look forward to continued interest and support from all of our ARMY. Thank you!

2020 only just started and BTS has already accomplished so much. They performed on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, they won huge at the Golden Disk Awards, RM and Younha dropped "Winter Flower," and, now, they're preparing to make their epic comeback.

ARMY, prepare yourselves, because you never know what BTS will announce next.