The Meaning Behind RM & Younha's "Winter Flower" Lyrics Is So Beautiful

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BTS collaborated with so many artists in 2019, like Halsey, Becky G, Lauv, and Lil Nas X, to name a few, and now the septet is ready for another incredible year of amazing collaborations, starting with RM and Younha's new track "Winter Flower." Since it's BTS' first musical release of 2020, fans are paying close attention to BTS' RM and Younha's "Winter Flower" lyrics to see what kind of message the group is sharing with the world this time around. As per usual, the song has such an important meaning behind it, just like the group's other songs.

Fans first caught wind the song was dropping when Korean singer Younha shared her tracklist for her fifth mini-album, Unstable Mindset, on Instagram on Dec. 29. The first song listed was "Winter Flower," which included RM as a featured artist. RM is a long-time fan of Younha, and often recommends her songs to fans on Twitter, so the BTS ARMY was very happy to find out they were collaborating.

On Jan. 2, fans heard a snippet of their song when Younha dropped a teaser for Unstable Mindset featuring a few seconds of each of her album's tracks. The BTS ARMY was already eager to hear the song, and the teaser only made them more excited.

Check out the teaser below.

Now, the song is officially out and it's absolutely stunning, to say the least. Younha's beautiful vocals mixed with RM's emotional verse are the perfect match, and it'll make you wonder why the stars didn't collaborate sooner.


Check out the lyrics below via a fan translation by @doyou_bangtan.


Hold on, hold on, hold on

VERSE 1 (Younha)

Under the deep footprints

of the chilly winter wind, it blooms alone

As I wander, having found the reason

I met you after my birth,

the white sighs that disperse, pale,

are frozen tears

As the abandoned dreams bear other scars,

where may the end of this season be

If there's an eternity,

hold on, hold on, hold on

I will take it away before you stumble

I will stay by your side until you survive

That you'd bloom


Why is it, that I had met you -

of all days, right here, right now, on this winter day

If I close my eyes, spring is far away, and

it's only full of cold breaths here, and yet

in a harsh winter, from the blood you spilled,

I was born, red

Chinese plum, camellia, daffodil

Yeah, I'm fine with whatever you call me

They say life is full of paradox

All you gotta do is

gettin' used to this marathon

"Would the world be harsh only to you?

It's difficult for anyone"

To you, who has become an adult,

these words cannot be ones of comfort

Listen well, winter:

You're the one that bloomed me

I'm now, with my limbs,

going to produce a blue scent

I'll let you know,

that there's another sky

With all my strength, I'll call for it,

the autumn that resembled you

VERSE 3 (Younha)

The light that disperses, pale,

is the frozen sun

Even if it does exist as the obscured moon does,

where may the end of waiting be

If there's a beginning,

hold on hold on hold on

I will take it away

before you stumble

I will stay by your side

until you survive

That you'd bloom

I don't forget your warmth

By becoming a winter flower,

by becoming a dancing star,

I will be by your side (RM Stay)

(I'm with you)

I will take it away

before you stumble

I will stay by your side

until you survive

I hope that you bloom x5

You can also listen to the track below.

BTS never disappoints. Their songs always have a deep meaning that fans can connect with, and they can expect the same from BTS' upcoming album as well.