A woman with long brown hair looks down while wearing a tie-dye Disney tee.
BoxLunch's Disney Tie-Dye Tops Are So Cute & You'll Want Them All

It's no secret that tie-dye is making a hot comeback, but have you seen BoxLunch's Disney tie-dye tops? Get ready to squeal with delight and click "add to cart" ASAP. Disney and tie-dye make the ultimate combo that will take you back to carefree days of watching movies with your bestie and taking family vacays to "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Each one of these tops can be paired perfectly with your fave pair of distressed mom jeans or overalls and a neon scrunchie for a real throwback lewk. These tops also feature classic Disney characters, so if you see your favorite movie represented, you know it's an automatic must-have. Since you'll be looking just too cute in your tie-dye, a few selfies for the 'Gram are #necessary. Snap away, choose a fun filter, and complete your look with a Disney movie quote before you share.

Wear your tie-dye tee when you go on your own adventures like Ariel or chill at the beach like Lilo and Stitch. Get cozy in a spirit jersey while you watch movies on Disney+ with your SO. Whichever tie-dye pieces you purchase, you're in for a magical summer with a little Disney magic in your closet.

This 'The Little Mermaid' Shirt

You were mermaid to sport this Little Mermaid tie-dye top. The shirt comes in Ariel's signature colors of green and purple which makes it a great choice for whenever you want to be part of the mermaid world and Disneybound as Ariel. Simply add a cute seashell clip (, $19) to your hair and you'll be ready to seas the day.

This 'Sleeping Beauty' Shirt

With this Sleeping Beauty tie-dye tee, the fairies have made it both pink and blue, just like Aurora's dress. You'll be reminded to "trust your magic" whenever you wear this positively adorable shirt.

This 'Lilo & Stitch' Shirt

If you're heading to the beach, you'll definitely want to wear this Lilo & Stitch tie-dye shirt. It features the cute friends on the front and what looks like a postcard that says "welcome to paradise" on the back. Even if you're not in Hawaii, you'll be in a tropical state of mind.

This 'Tangled' Shirt

This Tangled shirt is great if you're looking for something a little more subtle. Instead of characters, this shirt has the sun crest from the movie on the front. It blends in nicely with the tie-dye design that just so happens to match Rapunzel's purple dress. Have the "best day ever" wearing this shirt with your hair in a cute braid.

This 'Pocahontas' Shirt

Pocahontas is no stranger to painting with all the colors of the wind, so of course, a tie-dye tee that features the princess would be incredibly vibrant. The spiral design is very reminiscent of the wind that blows through Pocahontas' hair.

This Stitch Spirit Jersey

If you've seen Lilo & Stitch, you know that "ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." Well, you'll never want to forget or leave this adorable Stitch spirit jersey behind. It has a cute Stitch on the front feeling fineapple in a pineapple.

This Powerline Crewneck

Stand out with this Powerline sweater from A Goofy Movie. If there's one Disney character you'd like to see perform in concert, it would probably be Powerline. You could rock out to "Eye to Eye" while wearing this cozy crewneck.