Two women having the worst time Black Friday shopping.

These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Most Brutal Black Friday

Sales and deals aside, there's something foreboding about Black Friday. You have to wake up super early, get in line, and battle the rest of the masses for price-slashed items. It's a consumerist race and only the most efficient shoppers walk away successful from the cash registers. If you're already moaning and groaning at the thought of it all, you're definitely not alone, because Black Friday 2019 will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Gemini, and Aquarius — and you can all commiserate together.

With both the moon and Venus — planet of shopping — in serious and stoic Capricorn, this is not a Black Friday for playing around. While Capricorn can certainly help you get a head start and plan ahead, the energy might feel more dismal and hopeless. The moon forms a conjunction with karmic Saturn and destructive Pluto, producing an energy that may feel claustrophobic, obsessive, and pessimistic. You could feel pressured to make your goals happen overnight and guilty about what you have (or haven't) been doing. Know that you don't have to go shopping if you really don't want to. Making it an obligation takes the fun out of it, doesn't it?

Luckily, the moon will also form a sextile to sweet and understanding Neptune, sending out kindness in the midst of this harsh time. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember that life is not about how much money you have or what you own. The state of your spirit far exceeds material concerns in the long run.


Taurus: You Might Feel Guilty About Overspending Your Cash

It's strange that Black Friday takes place during Sagittarius season, because that's when the sun is in your eighth house of death and rebirth. Considering how you're one of the best shoppers in the zodiac, it's probably rare you're in the right mood for Black Friday mayhem. You could feel especially protective over your funds and worried about making a bad investment. Luckily, the moon and Venus are in your ninth house of adventure, reminding you that life can't truly be lived when you're constantly worrying about everything.

Gemini: You Could Be Feeling Way Too Emotional To Shop

You Geminis are great at sucking it up and having a good time even when you're feeling totally upset about something. However, on Black Friday, the moon and Venus will be in your eighth house of transformation, putting you in touch with your inner darkness. You might feel more like crying in private than going out there and shopping for meaningless things you know you don't really need. But if you really need to make a purchase, get together with your favorite shopping buddy. The sun and Jupiter are in your seventh house of partnerships and you'll make a dynamic duo.

Aquarius: You Might Prefer Some Cleansing Alone Time

I bet you won't even be thinking about money or shopping during this year's Black Friday. With the moon and Venus in your 12th house of spirituality, you might not even feel all that connected to the physical realm. Instead, you may be exploring the furthest reaches of your imagination and your dream life. You can always get your shopping done some other time, or maybe you can light some candles, put on some music, and shop online. There's no need to fight your instinct to take a break from the rat race, especially when the race is as ruthless as Black Friday.