3 Surprising Things Beyonce & JAY-Z's Body Language Reveals About Their Relationship

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Beyoncé and JAY-Z are good at a lot of things, not the least of which is staying in the spotlight. And given how much Bey and JAY revealed about the trials and tribulations of their marriage through their most recent albums, Lemonade and 4:44, respectively, you'd think we'd all have a pretty good idea about where their relationship stands. But according to body language expert Susan Constantine, Beyoncé and JAY-Z's body language reveals that all in the Knowles-Carter household is not as it seems.

You can tell a lot from the way a man holds back an elevator door, apparently. After taking a look at some recent photos of the couple, Constantine says she sees indicators of potential lingering resentment in their marriage. Even the arrival of beautiful baby twins Sir and Rumi Carter earlier this year might not have been able to mend the damage of JAY's infidelity, which he discussed in a recent interview. Personally, I don't think that this couple ever shows the public anything they don't plan for them to see. Even their family brawls don't show us the full story. Therefore, a photo can only tell us so much.

But in case you don't share my skepticism, here's what Constantine gathered from reading between the lines of the latest Bey and JAY pictures circulating.

1. JAY-Z Is Territorial

Constantine first noted the couple's smiles, followed by JAY-Z's right arm positioned on the wall behind Beyoncé. "It's not an unpleasant experience," she says. "When a man puts his hand behind a woman, he's marking his territory."

Beyoncé, on the other hand, doesn't seem so sure, according to Constantine. She is leaning away from JAY-Z, with her coat forming a barrier between them. "There's not a tremendous amount of closeness," says Constantine. "He wants to take ownership, but she is more apprehensive."

Constantine also says that by turning her head away from him, Beyoncé is subtly creating distance between them. Maybe there is more to this photo shoot than meets the eye after all.

2. JAY's Mind Is Somewhere Else

Constantine notes that JAY-Z typically looks into the distance in pictures, a sign that he is not as attentive to Beyoncé as she is to him. "He is not as connected emotionally and physically as she is," says Constantine. "There's no togetherness, no physical connection between them."

She continues that togetherness would be reflected if the couple were moving more together, but the photo reads more like he is allowing her to be out front and center, while he lags behind.

The third photo in the tweet above, though, shows that he isn't always completely removed from the relationship. When the two step out of the elevator, their gestures are mirroring one another, even placing the same foot forward. "He's attentive sometimes," says Constantine. "but they don't have the most intimate relationship."

3. Bey May Spend A Lot Of Time Alone

According to Constantine, these pictures read like JAY-Z "doesn't take any initiative to be an attentive husband." Maybe this gives Bey the room she needs to truly shine like the queen she is. She's certainly front and center in these elevator shots.

"She is used to being on her own and walks alone and goes about her business," says Constantine.

It makes sense that the "Single Ladies" singer would be able to hold her own with or without her husband. Since the pair were already world stars before they got married, it's not too surprising they would be wanting to go about their own business. If Beyoncé is disappointed by the relationship dynamic, then the #flawless beauty is self-assured and poised enough not to show it.

So while their relationship might not be totally healed from JAY-Z's infidelity, one thing is certain: As long as the Knowles-Carter family keeps posing for pictures, we will all keep watching.

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