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What Do Rumi & Sir Carter’s Names Mean? Beyonce & JAY-Z ’s Twins Names Finally Have An Explanation


Beyoncé gave birth to twins in June, and you are forgiven if you can't recall their names because you were too distracted by the pop singer's lush, floral, looks-like-heaven post-baby picture. But now let's take some time to focus on the little ones – starting with the meaning of Rumi and Sir Carter's names, which JAY-Z finally revealed to Tidal's Rap Radar podcast on Aug. 25.

There was a lot of speculation over the origins of those two names, the first being that Rumi was named after the 13th century Persian poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. His poetry, which has sold millions of copies in recent years, focused on love, joy and spirituality, and was often penned to the prophet Muhammad.

When it comes to the origins of Sir, we assumed the obvious... which is pretty much just that Bey and Jay are royalty always.

Turns out, according to JAY-Z, we weren't so far off base at all.

Sir will quite possibly be the only person in the world who can pull of the name "Sir," and I'm kind of okay with that.

So is the internet-at-large.

There's definitely a pattern to the singing duo's whole baby-naming process.

After Bey and Jay's first baby Blue Ivy was born, Beyoncé posted a passage from Rebecca Solnit's novel, A Field Guide to Getting Lost on her Tumblr, which waxed poetic about the word "blue."

So, basically, all of Beyoncé and JAY-Z's children are going to grow up to be literature-loving, ethereal gods/goddesses.

JAY-Z added that the entire pint-sized crew is going to to join him for his upcoming shows.

He said,

It's worth the wait – as long as we get at least one more picture of Beyoncé holding the babies, rocking a floral bed sheet like nobody's business.