Benefit Cosmetics' 2017 Cyber Monday Deals Are Here & Your Eyebrows Will Thank You

Finish up the last drops of your brow gel and don't worry if your highlighter breaks, because you'll want an excuse to shop the insane beauty deals of this year's Cyber Monday. Case in point: The Benefit Cosmetics' 2017 Cyber Monday deals mean 25 percent off of everything, online and in stores. That discount is nothing to balk at. Everyone can benefit from this sale (sorry, I must pun), because every item from the San Francisco-based retailer is up for grabs. The precious code to unlock these unbelievable savings is CYBER25, and it must be applied upon checkout.

Benefit Cosmetics is one of the most respected beauty brands out there — it's a family business, as much as a large company can be in this day and age. It's also not an intimidating, high-brow cosmetics company that caters to models and celebs. Benefit is here for the masses of ladies who, like myself, want makeup to be fun, not scary. The clever, spunky product names alone are enough to justify splurging on, but the actual makeup is also astonishingly easy-to-use. Restock your medicine cabinet with the prettiest, most entertaining beauty products out there. Here, check out the top-selling products, with sale prices to match.

Erase Case Concealer Kit

Benefit Cosmetics

Erase Case Concealer Kit, $20,

I bet you were thinking, how can beauty products be entertaining? Well, what is more giggle-inducing than a giant pencil-shaped pouch complete with eraser-themed concealer products? Seriously nothing. The four included concealers, including Benefit's Industrial Strength Concealer (for those days), will camouflage any and all of your so-called flaws.

Beauty & The Bay Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Set

Benefit Cosmetics

Beauty & The Bay Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Set, $29,

This limited-edition San Franciso-themed gift set includes a full-sized bronzer, brow pencil, mascara, and a mini liquid highlighter. It comes in the grooviest of packaging, with the base of the crystal ball doubling as a stand for the products. Makeup aside, I just really want that far out sphere on my vanity.

B. Right! By The Bay Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Set

Benefit Cosmetics

Right! By The Bay Limited-Edition Holiday Gift Set, $32,

If orange isn't your vibe, there's a sister set in a punchy teal. This one includes full-sized Total Moisture face cream, eye cream, and brow primer, and a travel-sized facial serum. Considering you can spend well upwards of $40 on almost any one of those products on their own (the face cream included here normally sells for $42), this deal is definitely a steal.

Hoola Matte Bronzing Bronzer Powder

Benefit Cosmetics

Hoola Bronzer, $22,

I know you all want your cheekbones to shine bright this year, but I need to give a shoutout to one of the first makeup products I ever owned as a tween: this Benefit Hoola bronzer, the perfect matte contour. Shimmer haters will love!

Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter

Benefit Cosmetics

Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter, $22,

Don't worry, you can be both bronzed and highlighted if you add this to your shopping cart. I don't know how you can you resist that perfect millennial pink packaging, plus the built-in mirror and on-the-go brush.

Defined & Refined Brows Kit

Benefit Cosmetics

Defined & Refined Brows Kit, $26,

Ever since Cara Delevingne rose to stardom, men and women everywhere seem to have instantly sprouted fuller brows. If you've over-plucked in the past but can't commit to micro-blading, Benefit's brow kits are here to rescue you. This one provides you with, of course, a brow pencil, along with a brow highlighter, conditioning primer, and a brow mapping tool to make sure you don't end up lopsided.

Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit

Benefit Cosmetics

Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit, $26,

This kit is for those of you who want to flaunt seriously full brows. It stocks you with tinted brow gel, brow highlighter, setting gel, and shaping stencils so you don't walk around looking surprised all day long.

Soft & Natural Brows Kit

Benefit Cosmetics

Soft & Natural Brows Kit, $26,

For those seeking a decidedly natural, non-Instagram brow look, this kit offers a brow pencil, brow highlighter, setting gel, and goof-proof stencils. All three kits come in three different color options, including light, medium, and deep.