5 Things To Know About Sex With A Fire Sign, So Stop, Drop, & Roll

If you haven't listened to Caroline Polachek's "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings," I'll tell you right now that she was 100% talking about having sex with a fire sign. Whether you're getting frisky with a Sagittarius or going all the way with an Aries, getting it on with a fiery lover is so hot, it might just hurt your feelings.

"Fire signs have dominance and bravado to them that makes them special and unique," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Elite Daily. "Aries like to be the best lovers possible. Leos like to perform and be over the top. Sags like to experiment."

From their fearless attitudes to their intoxicating confidence, these three signs have it going on, and aren't afraid to show it. Whether they're loving all over your body or trying all sorts of new moves, fire signs like to keep their sex lives spicy. Of course, while experimenting can be a fun and sexy way to connect with your partner, active consent is always the most important thing. No matter your sign, you never need to do anything you're not totally into and excited about.

Here are five things to keep in mind if you're thinking about turning up the heat with a fire sign.

They'll probably want to please you.

Don't be fooled by your fire sign's self-assured nature. Though these flames love to get attention in the streets, between the sheets, they love to give.

"They are confident and aim to please their partners," Stardust says. "They like to give to their sexual partner, and they also like to (consensually) dominate them." Whether they wow their lover with rose petals and Champagne or set up an elaborate sexy scavenger hunt, fire signs live for the #drama. When they know their partner is super into something, they'll make sure their boo is satisfied and smiling.

They love to experiment and are super sex positive.

"Fire signs are special in the bedroom because they have a certain spark about them," astrologer Six the Sextrologer tells Elite Daily. "They are willing to take risks in ways others won’t, [and] have a unique type of shamelessness, which can often translate into confidence." According to Six, your fire sign may be super into exploring new positions or types of sex and discovering what makes you both tick.

"Fire signs are into adventurous sex that explores their boundaries and teases their limits," Six says. "Some prefer passionate sex with no frills, but others may enjoy outdoor sex, role-play, and wrestling." You never need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, and it's always important to check out the risks involved with things, like having sex in public. However, your fire sign lover is probably pretty open-minded and encouraging, and that's a smokin' hot quality.

They're used to being in charge.

As Six shares, fire signs are probably used to making the first move. Whether they're a total boss at work or they run sh*t in their friend group, these sparks are known for being in change.

"If you really want to blow their minds, be the one who makes their fantasies come to life (don’t forget to get their consent first)," Six says. Of course, if you like your fire sign to rule the roost, Stardust shares that your firecracker will probably be more than happy to get the ball rolling. "Let them take the lead," Stardust says. "They prefer to be in control."

They love communication.

When it comes to the sexy stuff, fire signs want to know what you're thinking and how you're feeling. "Prepare to communicate your needs verbally," Six says. "Most fire signs want to keep it light-hearted and fun, so let them know what you want or don’t want!" Though it may feel intimidating, talking about what feels good during sex is a great way to connect with your fire sign. Not only will it help you learn about your body, but it will also help them know what they're doing right. "[Fire signs] like to know [that] they are doing their best in bed by hearing your moans," Stardust says. "Talk dirty. Don’t be shy. Don’t hold back."

They prioritize reciprocation.

Though your fiery love wants to make you feel good, they'll be over the moon when it's your turn to give all your attention and affection to them. "Fire signs absolutely love to be complimented, but they’ll never ask for all the attention to be on them," Six says. "They want to know that they’ve earned your applause, but once they’ve bent over backward for you, they do expect some form of appreciation." Of course, you never need to do something you're not totally into. Someone pleasuring you or focusing on your body never means that you have to do the same. Still, if you feel comfortable and excited to give your fire sign some TLC, they may be very appreciative.

Of course, no matter your sign, discussing your consent and intentions is the most important thing to do before getting it on. If you're super into something or you're not looking for a one-time thing, it's always OK to say so. Whether you let them take the lead or shower them in compliments, your fiery love is into communication, confidence, and trying new things.