Bath & Body Works Just Announced A Brand-New Fragrance & It's A Breath Of Fresh, Springtime Air

Bath & Body Works

Attention, lovers of all things beautifully-scented: National Fragrance Day is coming up March 21, so be sure to heavily spritz your fave to embrace this very important holiday. Wait, what's that? You don't have a signature fragrance? Normally, I'd be shocked, but TBH, that's kind of a good thing, because it means I can introduce you to the magic of Bath & Body Works' New Gingham Fragrance and you can accept it without feeling like you're cheating on your go-to. The company's newest perfume is a springy picnic dream, and if you feel like you've matured beyond the brand's body mists you coveted back in your youth, you're in luck, because this baby is the grown-up version with a scent just as spectacular.

I'm not kidding when I say I used to buy Bath & Body Works body mists in bulk. Their semi-annual sale had my teen heart emptying my already-basically-empty wallet in seconds, and I couldn't get enough of Cucumber Melon, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and the brand's other best-selling scents. As I grew older and experienced more luxe perfume and fragrance brands, my taste strayed from my B&BW faves, although I still hit up the store constantly for a candle here, a body butter there, et cetera. It wasn't until I sniffed their perfume Red — and purchased three bottles — that I realized how elevated their fragrances had become over time. I knew that they didn't need to stay in my childhood, but could still be favorites as I matured.

When the brand announced their newest fragrance, Gingham, it felt like the spring scent I'd been waiting for:

Bath & Body Works

Packaged in a fresh white bottle with a navy cap and a crisp blue gingham bow, Gingham is a picnic dress in perfume-form. According to the brand, the scent itself was created by Honorine Blanc, a Firmenich master perfumer who wanted to channel the essence of Bath & Body Works in all its radiance and joy. To do so, Blanc played with florals and sweet citruses, and ended up with a combination of blue freesia, sweet clementine, and soft violet petals.

As for the name? Gingham has always been the brand's thing — their shopping bags are just Exhibit A:

A gingham pattern evokes feelings of spring, which was a perfect way of encapsulating this perfume's fresh, happy vibe. And while the official launch in stores and online isn't until April 15, the brand is so excited to get spring started that they're allowing shoppers to snag it early, in accordance with National Fragrance Day. When the scent launches for real, we'll get the full collection: perfumes, cleansers, moisturizers, and even home fragrance products, but for now, shoppers will be able to snag a Gingham Mini Perfume Spray on Thursday, March 21, both online and in stores. Even better, you can continue to shop the mini version throughout the time until the full fragrance collection launches.

I'll definitely be snagging a Gingham 3-Wick Candle come April 15, but for now, catch me spritzing my mini perfume spray all day at work and pretending I'm at a springtime picnic, not my desk.