Bath & Body Works Is Having A Candle Day Sale & 3-Wicks Are Only $9 — But It Only Lasts One Day

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

To me, nothing says "the holiday season" quite like watching my favorite Christmas movie I'll Be Home For Christmas (Jonathan Taylor Thomas forever) while one of Bath & Body Works' winter candles burns in the background. Well, I've already managed to watch JTT struggle to get home in time for Christmas Eve dinner once this season, but I haven't yet gotten my hands on a Bath & Body Works candle to complete my perfect wintertime moment. Obviously, you can imagine my excitement when I heard the news about Bath & Body Works' Candle Day Sale.

Here's the lowdown. Bath & Body Works essentially created the “holiday” that is Candle Day five years ago, and for that, I am forever grateful. This year, Candle Day is on Saturday, Dec. 1, and you can snag every single three-wick candle for just $8.95. Now, if you’re as obsessed with BBW candles as I am, then you probably already know that those babies will ordinarily set you back $24.50. That's more than half off. Needless to say, the fact that, for an entire 24 hours, you can snag one of your favorite scented candles for almost a third of their original price is pretty freaking amazing.

But that’s not even all. In addition to Bath & Body Works' exclusive 125 three-wick candles that are already available (including the 23 new scents that were introduced this year), the retailer is launching an additional 32 candles in honor of Candle Day. That means you'll be able to cop over 150 three-wick candles for just about $9 each. Some of the scents that BBW will release on Candle Day will include fragrances that'll remind you of a bakery filled with Christmas cookies, like "Gingerbread & Caramel," "Cherry Frost," "Peppermint Brownie," and "Sugared Snickerdoodle."

You can celebrate Candle Day and take advantage of this mind-boggling sale online and at all Bath & Body Works locations nationwide, with most stores offering extended hours opening as early as 7 a.m. Regardless of if you plan on shopping for your $8.95 candle in-store or online, I'd advise doing so as early as possible, because this deal is only available while supplies last and only available for one day. And according to the brand, the number of BBW fans that celebrate this glorious day is, well... a lot.

The brand anticipates they'll see enough customers in stores on Dec. 1, to fill every single seat in every single NFL football stadium in the United States. What's more? The retailer also claims that, on Candle Day, enough three-wick candles will be sold to stretch from Miami to Vancouver — that's a whopping 3,345.7 miles. If those numbers are all too overwhelming for you (same), just be sure to take my word for it and hop on this sale as soon as possible.

If the idea of deciding which of the 150+ candles you should shop on Candle Day stresses you out, allow me to list some favorites that you should consider buying for you, your mom, your hairstylist, the mailman — whomever.

This is my all-time favorite BBW candle that I also tend to burn even after the holiday season, because, to me, it smells like a sweet, celebratory glass of champagne.

I've always imagined that the "Winter Candy Apple" candle would smell like fruitcake if fruitcake were to smell (and taste) good. Regardless, this is what you want your home to smell like around Christmastime — trust me.

This three-wick candle smells almost as good as the snickerdoodle cookies that my dad makes from scratch around Christmastime, and for that, I am super grateful.

The "Party Dress" candle smells exactly what I want my body (and party dress) to smell like on New Year's Eve: peonies, soft jasmine, and orchid petals.