Baked By Melissa's Easter Cupcakes Include Chocolate Creme Egg & Rainbow Marshmallow

Courtesy Of Baked By Melissa

At this point, everyone I know is focusing on preparing for Easter this weekend, and I don't know about you, but I'm loving every bit of it. I'm a sucker for all of the pastel-colored decorations, I would never pass up the chance to decorate eggs and most importantly, I'm totally obsessed with all of the delicious treats that brands are offering, from candy, to chocolate, and most importantly, cupcakes. And if you haven't already seen these Baked By Melissa's Easter 2019 cupcakes, they're incredibly springy, and are guaranteed to jazz up your Easter baskets this year.

Popular New York City bakery chain, Baked By Melissa, is coming in clutch by offering a variety of adorable treats special for Easter, and my sweet tooth is going absolutely wild. You can get in on two special collections in-store and on their website — one is called the Hoppy Treats bundle and the other is called The Spring Fling pack, and honestly, both look super festive for the springtime celebration.

Baked By Melissa's Hoppy Treats bundle includes three six-packs of five tantalizing flavors, which are going for $24. They're perfect for an Easter basket, for your BFF, or for your family to enjoy. The flavors include: Confetti, Chocolate Creme Egg, Psychedelic Snowcap (which is stuffed with gooey marshmallow cream!), fluffy Rainbow Marshmallow, and rich Dark Chocolate. All sound phenomenal, and between you and me, I could go for one (or all three packages) right about now.

Courtesy Of Baked By Melissa

The Spring Fling pack, on the other hand, is a super exclusive 25 pack that costs $28. It's perfect for an Easter brunch, a picnic in the park, or to bring to the office after a nice long holiday weekend. Each pack includes five festive flavors, from Confetti, to Chocolate Creme Egg, Psychedelic Snowcap (stuffed with gooey marshmallow cream), fluffy Rainbow Marshmallow, and rich Dark Chocolate. They're absolutely gorgeous, and they're wrapped in a limited edition Easter sleeve for a little added fun.

Baked By Melissa

OK for real, though — how adorable are each and every one of these? I could definitely order a few for my family this weekend... or I could honestly just keep them all for myself. Either way, they're totally getting me into the holiday spirit right now.

Oh, and if you're looking to save a little cash on your family's Easter baskets this year, you're in luck. According to Uber Eats, you'll be able to get in on a fun Baked by Melissa Easter promo. Customers will be able to receive a free three-pack when they purchase a 25-pack or more on Uber Eats between April 18 and April 21. That's a win in my book.

Once you have your Easter baskets all set, your eggs painted, and after finding all those hidden eggs, you'll most likely want to post something festive to the 'gram. Make sure to come up with an egg-stra cute springtime caption, because the Easter photos will be flying this weekend. But with all of these gorgeous cupcakes present, picking just one pic will definitely be tricky. Your entire feed might turn into a food-stagram.