34 Captions For Easter Egg Hunt Pics That Are Eggstra Cute

Some traditions are just too fun to ever tire of. Let's get real: Even though you're in your 20s, a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt is still the best way to spend your day. It may not be the Easter bunny who's hiding those plastic eggs around your backyard anymore, but getting your squad together for a traditional hunt — or even an adult scavenger hunt — is always a great idea. Aside from the eggs, you'll also want to be searching for some great captions for Easter egg hunts when it comes time to post pics.

In college, I kept my family's Easter traditions alive by arranging a hunt in our dorm's quad. It was fun getting my whole college crew together to celebrate the holiday. (Plus, no one can say "no" to chocolate, am I right?) While my friends searched around for plastic neon eggs, I was able to snap some cute candid shots of everyone looking. Obviously, we also posed for a group pic of everyone decked out in their floral outfits.

If you have similar plans this year, you'll want to be ready to post your own pics to Instagram without hesitation. No need to search around for the perfect words, because I've gathered these 34 Easter egg hunt captions just for you. As a thank you, I hope you eat some eggstra chocolate just for me, and have a Happy Easter!

1. "No bunny can stop me from finding all these eggs."

2. "Eggs-cuse me, but I think there's an egg behind you."

3. "Quit yolking around. We've got eggs to find."

4. "Dyeing to know where all these eggs are hidden."

5. "Have an egg-cellent Easter egg hunt."

6. "That's all, yolks."

7. "I'm eggs-hausted from looking for all these eggs."

Luis Molinero/Shutterstock

8. "Just looking on the sunny side of things."

9. "What an egg-citing day to look for eggs."

10. "Have an eggs-tra special Easter."

11. "I'm an eggs-pert Easter egg finder."

12. "For Peep's sake, where are all of these eggs?"

13. "On the hunt for chocolate."

14. "Nothing's going to stop me from finding all the chocolate."

New Africa/Shutterstock

15. "I carrot wait to find all the Easter eggs."

16. "What a hoppy day for an egg hunt."

17. "Some bunny needs chocolate after all that searching."

18. "I'm so egg-cited, I just can't hide it."

19. "Over-easy like Sunday morning."

20. "This Easter was egg-ceedingly good, wouldn't you say?"

21. "We found eggs in a hopeless place."

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22. "How do I like my eggs? Um, in chocolate form."

23. "Putting all of my eggs in one basket today."

24. "I carrot even."

25. "You’re never too old for an Easter Egg hunt."

26. "Help me find these eggs."

27. "If you help me find these eggs, I promise to share all the candy I don't want with you."

28. "Easter egg hunts are proof that I can find things when I really want to."


29. "The hunt is on."

30. "I have eggs-ray vision."

31. "Think you're going to find more eggs than me? You crack me up."

32. "Keep calm and hunt on."

33. "Is it just me, or are these eggs egg-stra hard to find?"

34. "Do not disturb: I'm in egg finding mode."