A group of friends hangs out near an AutoCamp airstream trailer at sunset.

This Company Rents Cool Airstreams For The Best Glamping Trip With Your SO

Aaron Leitz

Have you dreamed about going on a glamping trip and waking up in the great outdoors with your SO? Have you imagined the steaming cups of coffee you'd drink in the morning while you laughed in a luxe kitchen and tossed on a pair of hiking boots? If so, then you need to know about AutoCamp's airstream trailers and the adventure-style suites that await.

Located in the most breathtaking places across the country, these luxurious little homes are made for comfort and artsy #content. They're designed for the travelers who love snuggling up with a blanket at the end of the day and get a rush when they plug their phone in to charge, but also want to get outdoors and experience every natural wonder they can.

During your stay, you'll be treated to all sorts of amenities like a queen-sized bed, a flat-screen TV, and bluetooth surround sound for when you want to listen to music while you make breakfast. You'll likely feel right at home when you clink your mug against your SO's and wash up in a spa-level shower after an afternoon of hiking. Before you rush to the AutoCamp site and book your glamping trip, though, let me give you some more details.

Aaron Leitz

These airstream trailers are currently available to rent near in Santa Barbara, Sonoma County, and near Yosemite National Park. In fall 2020, they'll also be available to rent in Cape Cod, so travelers on the East Coast can experience them without having to purchase a plane ticket. At each location, there are different airstreams to choose from with different levels of amenities and setups within the AutoCamp park.

For example, if you go through the checkout process on the website, you'll find that at the Santa Barbara location, the classic airstream trailer includes air conditioning, high-speed Internet, a personal refrigerator, and a microwave — among other things. The premium airstream has the same amenities, but is also located in a quieter spot, so you and your SO can enjoy a little privacy while on your #vacay. At the Yosemite location, the premium airstreams have views of the nearby summits or ponds.

No matter which one you pick, though, you'll feel like you're in a hotel that's decked out with kitchen utensils, a fire pit, and grill that's perfect for making s'mores. You may spend a lot of time hanging just outside your front door or exploring the sights.

Aaron Leitz

To begin your dreamy adventure with your SO, head to AutoCamp and pick out the airstream that's going to be the best fit for you. Look over what you can expect, select the right dates, and then hit the "book now" button.

You can bring your pup along for the adventure for an extra $75 per stay. AutoCamp asks that you don't bring along more than two, with a 50lb. weight limit for each, and review the dog policy before checking in with their pup. The checkout process on the website will show trailers range in price, depending on what days of the week you want to book, in addition to the time of year you want to go. On weekends, you have to book the airstream for two nights, because that's the minimum requirement. Otherwise, enjoy your time in the great outdoors with your love. It's going to be the coolest glamping experience ever.