6 Glamping Necessities You Shouldn't Leave Behind, Because This Trip Is All About The Instas

by Ciara Johnson

Have you ever been glamping before? If not, then I'm not going to lie: You're totally missing out. Glamping is a glamorous form of camping for those who want to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing all of life's greatest comforts, and, well, glam! Unlike camping, glamping isn't necessarily about sticking to the basics. Instead of sleeping in a sleeping bag, you'll be relaxing in a cozy, plush bed. Instead of calling a tent your accommodations, you'll likely be resting in an IG-worthy treehouse or teepee. If you want to get out into the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort, then glamping is the right move for you. Here's what to pack for glamping, because let's be real: It's really all about the Instas.

Chic bohemian decor and glam probably don't come to mind when you think of camping. You likely envision tents, sleeping bags, campfires, s'mores, and a lack of air conditioning. Glamping provides the best of both worlds when it comes to experiencing wilderness and doing it in style. After a long day of exploring outside, you'll have the convenience of returning to spacious room with a comfortable bed and possibly even air conditioning. Camping isn't for everyone, but glamping is a lot more appealing for those who are new to the outdoor lifestyle. It's also super cute for those Instagram photos! Happy glamping.

A Great Outfit For A Day Of Taking Pictures

Did you even go glamping without pictures to prove it? Don't forget to pack a cute AF outfit for a full day of taking pictures in your destination. Bring along the perfect maxi dress that will blow in the wind as you capture photos in the great outdoors.

Cool Sunglasses For Protecting Your Eyes In Chic Style

Don't forget to pack your shades to protect your eyes from the sun while you explore. A glam pair of shades will definitely spice up any outfits that you pack, and the protection will definitely make your trip more enjoyable. Say cheese!

Your Favorite Insta-Worthy Accessory

Make your coffee on-the-go with this Instagram-worthy tumbler that's all about the camping life. You can use this to sip your brew and position it as a prop in your photos. Whether you're waking up in your bed or overlooking the mountain on an early morning hike, this is the perfect travel accessory.

A Trendy Polaroid Camera

Instagram photos are always fun, but switch things up by taking some Polaroid pics of your adventures. Pack an instant polaroid camera to print your photos immediately. You'll be able to carry those tangible glamping memories with you for years to come. Practice your poses now!

A Bluetooth Record Player

Bring your favorite audio player so that you can groove to some fun tunes while you glamp. Consider a bluetooth capable vintage record player that will stand out in your Instagram photos. You'll be able to jam out, and do it for the 'Gram. Sounds like a good time to me!

Games To Play

The greatest joys of glamping include all of the games you play along the way to have fun and bond with your trip mates. Bring a building block game that will challenge your glamping squad and look fun in the photos you take. Game on!