This Auntie Anne’s Game Day Pretzel Pack Comes With 10 Dips For The Ultimate Snack

Courtesy Of Auntie Anne's

My boyfriend and I are basically the perfect pair. We have similar taste in music, movies, activities, and even sports, but for the most part, we have totally different snack cravings. So, we almost never end up eating each other's favorite foods. However, it looks like one specific snack at the 2019 Super Bowl may just be the best of both worlds, because if you haven't already seen Auntie Anne's Game Day Pretzel Pack, it looks absolutely amazing.

This Super Bowl Sunday, one of my all-time favorite pretzel chains, Auntie Anne’s, is coming in clutch with a delectably gigantic Game Day Pretzel Pack. According to Auntie Anne's, each order will include two huge Pretzel Buckets containing Pretzel Bites in the flavor of your choosing, along with 10 (yup, 10!) assorted dips, including flavors like Cheese, Hot Salsa Cheese, Honey Mustard, and Sweet Glaze, according to Auntie Anne's. One order will only cost you $45, and if you're interested, you should definitely lock down your order as soon as possible. It'll only be available for a super limited-time between Jan. 28 and Feb. 3, and you wouldn't want to miss out on ordering one of these. It's definitely set to be a highly coveted snack at my Super Bowl shindig, though, so I may just have to sneak a full bucket for myself... #SorryNotSorry, y'all.

Courtesy Of Auntie Anne's

Oh, and the Game Day Pretzel Pack itself isn't even the best part of Auntie Anne's Super Bowl offerings. According to Auntie Anne's participating locations nationwide will also be offering a free Snack Stadium holder with the purchase of any Game Day Pretzel Pack. Fill yours up with Pretzel Nuggets, dump in those Mini Dogs, or simply use it for dips galore. If you want more information or if you're looking to place an order, make sure to check out their website. I'm counting on you.

Just take a look at it all, below — altogether, it's super cute, and will definitely up the ante for your snack table this Super Bowl Sunday.

Courtesy Of Auntie Anne's

UGH I'm so obsessed.

If you, too, are a major snack fiend, you'd probably be happy with a Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness. It kind of resembles some sort of babybjörn, however, instead of filling it with your child, though, it's meant for all of your favorite snack food items. That's right — you can fill it with a handful of Pretzel Bites, maybe a sandwich, a beer, and all the cupcakes in the world. It's seriously everything I need for the Super Bowl to be a success (and so I can sneak all of the Pretzel Bites for myself, TBH).

Snack time usually causes no problems with my boo and me, but Auntie Anne's Game Day Pretzel Pack is guaranteed to cause a ruckus. Between two giant buckets of Pretzel Bites and ten freaking dips to choose from, there's no way I'll be able to share. Between you and me, I'm getting one for myself, and one for everyone else at my Super Bowl party. It's the only way to keep things peaceful. Peace, love, and pretzels... right?