The Week Of August 31 Will Be So Lucky For These Zodiac Signs


There's a reason school tends to start when the sun is in Virgo. After all, Virgo is the zodiac sign of logic, intelligence, analysis, organization, and cleanliness. After a summer of wildness and carefree vibrations, Virgo season is a chance to take a deep breath and get things back in shape. It may feel like a lot of work, but Virgo season reminds you that solving problems and committing to your plans can give you a sense of togetherness and pride. During Virgo season, nothing feels better than knowing you overcame your instinct to procrastinate and got things done. And, thanks to what this year's Virgo season has in store, these zodiac signs will have the best week of August 31, 2020: Leo, Virgo, and Libra.

However, Virgo isn't the only sign that's at play this week. On Sept. 5, communicative Mercury — Virgo's planetary ruler — will enter charismatic, diplomatic, harmonious, and romantic Libra. Prepare for the conversational flow to reach fascinating new levels; for your desire to connect with others to open the social floodgates. Mercury in Libra will also help you see things from a clearer perspective, allowing you to put yourself in other people's shoes and embody a fair-minded viewpoint.

Venus — planet of love, friendship, and luxury — will also embrace a planetary shift, as it leaves behind emotional and sensitive Cancer to enter dramatic and creative Leo on Sept. 6. There's no better time for grand gestures and over-the-top displays of affection than when Venus is in Leo, so let the whole world know who and what you care about.

Here's what these lucky zodiac signs can expect this week:


Leo: You're Feeling Spicy, Sexy, And Romantic, So Live It Up

You're looking in the mirror and loving what you see, Leo. After all, Venus is entering your zodiac sign this week, concentrating all of its loving and romantic energy directly upon you. Your Venus return feels like butterflies in your stomach; like finding out you have a secret admirer. This is the time for you to bask in self-love and some well-deserved pampering. There's also a big chance people will be scrambling to make plans with you and get your attention. You're the hottest person in town right now. As if you needed reminding of that, Leo.

Virgo: You're Confident About Yourself And Your Relationships

This week, you're feeling more inspired than ever to own who you are, Virgo. You're a unique individual with so many gifts that no one else has. You have a perspective that's entirely unique and your potential looks like no one else's. However, in order to reach that potential, you need to have the courage to simply be yourself. This week, you'll feel like making a point of that. It bring you closer to people who love you for who you truly are, helping you forge relationships you can feel accepted within; relationships that are based on your personal truth. Own it, Virgo.

Libra: You're Speaking Your Mind And Thinking Outside The Box

Do you suddenly have the desire to entertain a room full of people? How about calling up a friend of yours and having a conversation about expansive topics that show off your intelligence? Your brain is working beautifully this week, Libra, and your wit is off the charts. You're thinking of so many genius things and saying them without apology. Don't let this burst of intelligence pass you by, because Mercury — planet of communication — is only in your zodiac sign for three weeks. Use it to learn more about subjects you care about and solve as many problems as you can.