Help, I Can't Stop Looking At Ariana Grande's 'Twilight Zone' Halloween Costume

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After the success of "Thank U Next" and pretty much every other thing she did this year, it's safe to say at least half your friends will be dressing up as Ariana Grande this Halloween. Considering Grande wears full-glam makeup and costume-like performance ensembles on an almost daily basis, finding a costume she can stand out in is definitely harder for Ari than it is for us to buy a ponytail extension and go as her. That said, Ariana Grande's Halloween 2019 costume is pretty fantastic, and unlike most celebs, she didn't go the sexy, glam route — instead, she let her spooky side out, and treated us to a frightening masked look I never saw coming.

Grande is into theatre and all things campy and kitsch, so I should've known she'd be more Cady Heron than Regina George when it came to dressing up for Halloween. Before reveal her costume, she teased it via a myriad of posts about The Twilight Zone. Some fans might've assumed she was just getting into the Halloween spirit, but many guessed right away that she was hinting at this year's costume. After posting numerous clips from the show's "Eye of the Beholder" episode, Ari finally revealed her look.

First, she set the scene with The Twilight Zone content:

And based off the clips, I genuinely assumed she'd be going as the beautiful damsel in distress:

However, she actually wore the pig-like mask! And, somehow, served it with a side of classic Ari glamour:

How clever and fun! And even a little bit scary! You can tell Grande really thought her costume through, and the black-and-white, film-inspired reveal footage is especially fitting.

Who else could look good with this frightening face? Only Grande:

"Final procedure was a success," she captioned one of her posts, as a nod to the episode's plotline. Obviously, her fans went wild for the creative costume, and I can almost guarantee at least a hundred people tried to order a similar mask on Amazon Prime this morning. I love the look, and even moreso because Grande paired it with all-dolled-up attire, including long satin gloves, a fur stole, diamond earrings, and stiletto-heeled boots. Oh, and her signature ponytail, natch, because how could she not?