Ariana Grande Commented On Pete Davidson's Selfie & It's Honestly Adorable

by Lilli Petersen
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images // Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there a word for when a couple is so cute that their friends almost can't stand to be around them? If there is, that's Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson right now, because Ariana Grande's comment on Pete Davidson's Instagram selfie is just about the most adorable thing there is. Stahhhp, you guys.

In the early hours of Sunday, June 24, Davidson posted a relatively chill selfie. The kinda grainy black and white photo, captioned "WIZARD" with a lightning bolt emoji as the letter "i," showed the comedian from the chest up, smiling and looking slightly downwards. Although it was definitely kind of blurry, it also wasn't an unflattering photo — at least, that's clearly what Grande thought. She responded to her reported-honey's picture with a starry-eyed comment, writing, "the most handsome ever yikes."

"Yikes"? Not exactly what I would say if admiring my lover, but maybe she means like, she's still astonished and surprised that he's as handsome as she thinks he is? I'm unsure.

She also added an all-emoji comment, posting a heart, moon, and lightning bolt to match his "wizard" caption. Cryptic much, Ari? I don't even know what's going on with these two anymore, except I know I can't look away.

Some fans also had some fun with the photo and the comment, given the very NSFW and TMI exchange that Grande had with fans on Friday, June 22. Buckle up, because this is wild. On that Friday, a fan tweeted at Grande, asking "how long is pete???" The fan was apparently meaning to ask about Grande's upcoming song, called "Pete," but phrased things... poorly. The fan quickly realized how her question could be taken and tweeted again, posting, "OH AS IN THE INTERLUDE NOT AS IN..... ANYWAY."

But not before Grande got in on it. She replied, "like 10 inches? ... oh f*ck... I mean... like a lil over a minute." Um, whaaaaat?

Did she really go there? She really went there.

Grande deleted the tweet pretty quickly, but not before fans started drawing some conclusions. So of course fans had to joke about Davidson's photo of himself looking down and smiling.

"Looking down at his wand lmao," wrote @the.miraculous.ft.trash

@_blushygrande_ added, "i w0nDeR wHaT hE’s L0oKin’ aT @arianagrande 😏" Very creative, everyone.

But dirty jokes aside, the pair's reported relationship has been moving at lightning speed. Although they've only been reportedly dating for a few weeks, they're supposedly engaged and Grande has been wearing around what appears to be an enormous diamond ring on that finger. Like seriously, that ring is huge, I don't know how she's able to lift her hand. If it isn't an engagement ring, it's gotta be part of some kind of weightlifting routine.

Oh! And, besides the reported engagement, the two have supposedly moved in together, according to People. Elite Daily reached out for comment to teams for both Davidson and Grande about the reported move at the time, but didn't hear back. But seriously I hope they did move in to this place together, because this building sounds amazing. The amenities supposedly include an on-site fitness facility, a juice bar, and a huge indoor pool lit by a skylight. Oh, and an IMAX theater, why not. Yeah, I'd move in there too.

And while it may look like these two are moving fast — because I mean, from all the evidence, they really are — it seems to be working for them. Their social media posts are as lovey-dovey as anyone could hope for, their public appearances are super sweet, and hey, who are we all to judge, anyway? The internet so rarely gives us nice things, I'm going to take this one and run for all it's worth.