Peter and Madison on 'The Bachelor'

Here's Where Peter & Madison's Relationship Stands After 'The Bachelor'


Going into this season's Bachelor finale, fans knew there would be twists and turns, but no one was ready for what went down in Australia — nor what happened after that. After Madison Prewett left and Peter Weber proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss, it seemed like things were finally settled. It wasn't until the 28-year-old pilot pulled an Arie by dumping Hannah Ann back in the States, and then going after Madison, that fans were truly shook. Now, Bachelor Nation is wondering if Madison and Peter are still together after The Bachelor. Luckily, their "After the Final Rose" reunion cleared things up.

On the live post-finale show, Chris Harrison showed footage of him flying to meet Madi in her Alabama hometown to break the news Peter had broken off his engagement with Hannah Ann, largely because of his lingering feelings for her. Madison mentioned she had regretted the decision to leave for some time and saw this as her second chance. She decided to hop on a plane to Los Angeles and surprise Peter for a conversation to see how they both felt about their relationship now that they were both single again.

Peter and Madison had not reunited since that day — until "After the Final Rose," that is. During that meeting, Peter confirmed he was in love with Madi. Since this marked only the second time they had seen each other since she left Australia, Chris asked the question that was on everyone's minds: What's next for Peter and Madison?

ABC/John Fleenor

Peter responded by saying the best thing to do would be for them to "take it a day at a time" when it comes to furthering their relationship. While fans might be supportive of this decision, it was made blatantly clear that his mother Barbara did not approve.

"He's going to have to fail to succeed," she explained to Chris, basically implying she thinks her son's relationship with Madison will crash and burn. His father also mentioned concerns about having "so many obstacles" in the way of their relationship, and "so many differences to overcome," saying he was also worried for the pair.

While Madison stuck up for herself and Peter continued to vocalize his love for Madison, it didn't seem like their comments made an impact on his parents. However, Madison recognized her relationship with Peter didn't necessarily rely on immediate approval from them. "The relationship is between me and Peter," she said, adding that it would be up to them to figure out where to go from there.

All in all, it seemed both Madison and Peter decided they're interested in exploring their future together, but want to take things slow — although they'll have the herculean task of winning over Peter's (and possibly Madison's) parents over along the way.