A Matchmaker Analyzes Miley & Liam's Compatibility & TBH, It Explains Everything

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Due to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's on-and-off relationship status over the span of nine years, you might have begun to wonder: are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth compatible? Even though I'll always have a special place in my heart for Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas (#Niley), I've absolutely loved watching Cyrus' relationship with Hemsworth grow since meeting in 2009 while filming Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song.

I spoke with matchmaker Rori Sassoon, co-founder of Platinum Poire, and matchmaker Susan Trombetti, CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, about Cyrus and Hemsworth's relationship over the years, and asked whether or not the two movie stars are in fact compatible. Trombetti comments that a key aspect in making Cyrus and Hemsworth's relationship work over the years has been the fact that they've known each other for so long.

"They have found each other young, and through the breakup [2013-2015], it appears they have remained friends and supportive of one another," Trombetti tells Elite Daily. "They get each other because they have been together since they were very young. Hollywood is a rough business, but they stick together as power players."

She also adds that because they're both in the same industry, which is one that not everyone can relate to or understand, it's the ins-and-outs that can bring the two even closer together.

Sassoon points out that Cyrus and Hemsworth have built a foundation of friendship as a base for their relationship over the years. Even when the two called off their engagement in 2013, they remained close.

"Through their breakup, they never even put each other down, and were able to maintain somewhat of a private friendship," Sassoon tells Elite Daily. "Miley said she had something in her heart that it never felt like it was really over."

Besides their clear, deep connection to one another, their goofy personalities also prove to be compatible with one another.

"They have the ability to make each other laugh, which is important for the long run of a relationship," Sassoon says. "They both value their privacy and are private people, holding their relationship to be sacred and not just a media spectacle."

We see that the two value their privacy from the lack of photos and social media presence of the two from their shared Malibu house.

Trombetti offers more insight into their relationship stemming from both of their personalities.

"Liam seems really grounded whereas Miley seems to be a little wilder and this makes for a good balance," she says. "He is probably the shoulder she leans on, and she is a very independent woman that probably lets him lean on her shoulder. They are a modern couple. Let's not forget, she was a child star, which is hard."

Cyrus, of course, had to deal with an intense amount of scrutiny growing up, because she was constantly in the spotlight. Having Hemsworth to lean on during those later teenage years, teenage years could have made him instrumental in Cyrus' life for years to come.

Trombetti and Sassoon both agree that Cyrus and Hemsworth ending their engagement in 2013, and later getting re-engaged in 2016, does not mean anything negative about the state of their relationship.

"[They] needed space to grow as individuals and in their respective careers, so they are probably taking it slow," Trombetti says. "There is no rush. It appears to be true love, respect, and admiration. They just can't quit each other."

Sassoon echoes Trombetti's sentiments.

"You can’t be a strong partner for someone when you are not meeting your needs first," Sassoon says. "Especially at such a young age when they are still figuring themselves out. This can only make them stronger as a couple."

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