Are Judy & Nate Together After 'House Of Ho' Season 1?

Judy Gave An Update About Her Relationship With Nate After 'House Of Ho' Season 1


When it comes to drama, few people know what it means quite like the Hos. The Vietnamese-American family is the focal point of HBO Max's House of Ho — a Keeping Up With The Kardashians-style series with its own tales of success, downfall, and tangled relationships. Judy, one of the stars of the show, was grappling with her divorce in Season 1, and the season ended with her getting engaged to a new man. Now, fans are wondering if Judy and Nate are still together, because House Of Ho Season 1 left things up in the air.

The show, which is billed as a reality version of Crazy Rich Asians, dropped on HBO Max on Dec. 10, just three months after the Kardashian-Jenner family announced their long-running series was coming to an end. Just like KUWTK, House of Ho follows an opulently wealthy family whose lives seem to play out in the most dramatic ways possible.

The Ho family is headed by Houston banker and real estate mogul Binh Ho. He, along with his wife, Hue Ho, are Vietnamese immigrants who practice a culturally traditional, patriarchal family structure. The series showcases the triumphs and tribulations the Hos face in the U.S. with their first-generation children, Washington, Reagan, and Judy.


Warning: Light spoilers for Season 1 of House Of Ho follow. Leading up to the premiere of House Of Ho, is was unclear whether Judy was in a relationship. The mom of three — as well as the rest of her close-knit family — was still coming to terms with her marriage ending. In Season 1, she began dating and eventually fell in love with Dr. Nate Nguyen. The season ended with Nate proposing. The couple put things on hold, however, which made fans wonder whether they are still going to get married.

Thankfully, viewers have some answers now. On Dec. 21, Judy told Hollywood Life their relationship is as strong as ever, but they're trying not to rush things for the sake of her family. “We’re still trying to take it slow so my parents can get to know him better, spend a little bit more time with him, and know that he has good intentions," Judy said. “My dad has really enjoyed his time with him. I think my dad’s on board at this point."

It looks like things have come a long way not only for Judy, but the entire Ho family as well. Hopefully HBO Max will order a Season 2 so fans can see what's next for the happy couple.

House of Ho Season 1 is on HBO Max now.