Are Emma Chamberlain & The Dolan Twins Still Friends?

Here's Where Emma Chamberlain & The Dolan Twins' Relationship Stands In 2020

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The YouTube community is a little like a digital high school, where many of the biggest influencers form cool cliques and hang out with each other IRL. They then film cool videos together and create epic crossover content for YouTube stans everywhere. This obviously leads to tight friendships, rumors of romantic relationships, and, sometimes, drama. Emma Chamberlain and Ethan and Grayson Dolan (aka, the Dolan twins) became a super-tight clique, but haven't been spotted together for a few months. So fans might be wondering if Emma Chamberlain and the Dolan twins are still friends, and the answer comes with a bit of mystery.

Emma Chamberlain was first linked to the Dolan Twins in June 2018. That month, Chamberlain, Ethan, and Grayson began to appear in each others' YouTube videos. Along with popular beauty blogger James Charles, the band of friends formed the Sister Squad.

While the whole group was close, fans felt there was something special brewing between Chamberlain and Ethan. Romance rumors began to surround Chamberlain and Ethan's friendship after he uploaded a photo of himself and Chamberlain jet skiing on Independence Day. (Neither party's reps responded to Elite Daily's previous request for comment on speculation Chamberlain and Ethan were dating.) Regardless, they looked to be truly enjoying each other's company, whatever their relationship status was at the time.

In January 2019, Ethan fueled more romance rumors when he came to Chamberlain's defense against a few Twitter trolls who claimed she had crusty lips. "Her lips deffffinitely aren’t crusty," Ethan tweeted at them. I'm pretty sure the only appropriate follow-up question to that response is to ask how he knows they aren't crusty.

"What? She’s always putting chapstick on everyone knows that?!?" was his reply, throwing cold water on fans' speculating his original tweet meant he and Chamberlain were, in fact, dating.

Fast forward to February 2019, and Chamberlain unfollowed the Sister Squad. Fans were worried there was drama between the group members, but Chamberlain shut down the chatter of beef on her Instagram stories, revealing she unfollowed all of her friends because she was on a cleanse.

"A lot of people are concerned that I unfollowed my friends. Don’t worry. I still love every single one of my friends with my whole heart," she said. "There’s nothing — we’re good. With all of them. And that’s a genuine promise. … I’m just kind of doing a little social experiment for myself to see what it’s like to just only have my thoughts and not anything else.”

So Chamberlain, Ethan, and Grayson were still friends and continued to hang out with each other over the next couple of months. On June 27, 2019, the trio attended Louis Vuitton’s X: An Immersive Journey event in Beverly Hills. They snapped the picture below for the books:

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Later, in July 2019, Chamberlain and Ethan exchanged a few semi-flirty tweets, leading many fans to believe the trio were still going strong, and Ethma's rumored relationship was possibly going even stronger.

There haven't been any social media interactions between Chamberlain and the Dolan twins since then, however. The latest photo of the trio is on Ethan's Instagram and it dates back to the Louis Vuitton event in June 2019. Swipe to see the trio:

In Chamberlain's February 2020 cover story for Cosmopolitan, she said she was in a relationship, but did not reveal with whom. If it is Ethan, then there's a big possibility she is still friends with the Dolan twins. In any case, I urge fans to rest easy knowing Chamberlain, Ethan, and Grayson still follow each other on Instagram.

Who knows? Maybe adulting and work has just got in the way of their regular YouTube collabs for now.