Emma Chamberlain Basically Admitted She’s Cuffed In Her 'Cosmo' Interview

by Candice Jalili
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're a fan of the biggest YouTube star on the planet, Emma Chamberlain’s quote about her relationship in Cosmopolitan is about to make you squeal school girl style. ICYMI: Chamberlain graced the cover of Cosmopolitan's February 2020 issue. In the issue she discusses everything, from her rise to internet fame to her disdain for the world "influencer." But there's one particular moment that I just can't get over: the point at which she inadvertently admitted she's in a relationship.

I’d like to open up more about my relationship,” she shared. “But things change so quickly — if I say something now, who knows where my life will be in three months? I could be pregnant.” First thing's first: the odds of Chamberlain getting pregnant any time soon are low. The article confirmed that she has an IUD and "does not plan on getting pregnant." So don't go to the store buying her little onesies just yet. What's truly exciting about the excerpt is that Chamberlain just casually admitted she she definitely is in a relationship. What's even more exciting? It seems like she's toying with the idea of opening up about it in the near future, so stay tuned.

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Who could this mystery partner of Chamberlain's be, you ask? Well, at one point in the article the reporter, Dana Schwartz, treated readers to this juicy excerpt:

Emma is used to hearing rumors about herself. Some, like the one about a certain curly-haired boy she’s dating, are can’t-confirm-on-the-record-but-true.

While I obviously can't fully confirm who the "curly-haired boy" being referenced is, there's a good chance it's curly haired TikTok star Aaron Hull.

Fans first started shipping the two in late October when they grew convinced the two internet stars were in Chamberlain's hometown of San Francisco together.

Oh, and did I mention her dad unfollowed her rumored ex and shot him a follow that same weekend?

After Chamberlain posted a Nov. 7 video of herself iconically titled, "LEARNING HOW TO SKATEBOARD TO IMPRESS A BOY," fans became even more convinced. In the video, she nervously explained that she likes a certain mystery skater boy. "Oh my God, I'm uncomfortable saying this," she began. "I feel like I'm telling my parents something about my life. I like this guy, OK?"

After a few more nervous attempts to get the news out there, she finally admitted: "So, I like this guy and he skateboards and he's good. Actually, I don't know how good he is, but I know that he skateboards." While she maintained that she would never bend over backward to change for a guy, she would like to impress the dude she's been crushing on. "I'm not going to ever, in my life, change for a guy," she stated. "Like, if a guy doesn't like me for who I am then hit the road b*tch. But, like, how cool would it be if I could skateboard because then it would impress him, in the least... Would it make him like me more? Probably not. He probably wouldn't care actually. But I think it would be cool if I could skateboard just a little bit to impress him."

After watching the video, fans immediately ventured to guess the skater boy in question was none other than Hull:

Here's to hoping Chamberlain, herself, confirms who the boy in question is when she's ready.