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Addison Rae Is Wearing A HUGE Ring On THAT Finger, Y'all!!!

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Addison Rae Easterling and Bryce Hall have only been dating for a few months, but fans speculate they could already be taking their relationship to the next level. On Friday, Jan. 15, Easterling shared an Instagram video rocking a huge diamond ring on that finger, and of course, her followers only had one question in mind: Are Addison Rae and Bryce Hall engaged? She's been seen shopping at jewelry stores a lot lately, so the whole situation has fans curious.

Easterling and Hall's relationship timeline has been a lot for fans to take in. Rumors they were dating began in October 2019 after the pair started making TikToks together. Despite sharing several flirty videos where they almost kissed, the duo told fans they were just friends and nothing more. However, that didn't stop fans from speculating they were secretly together anyway. After denying relationship rumors time and time again, Easterling and Hall finally confirmed they were dating in a November 2020 vlog. Surprisingly, they only just started seeing each other. "We are dating and we've been dating since October 13," Easterling said. "We're dating officially and this is gonna be really interesting to see where this goes."

Easterling then confessed they dated once before, but that relationship only lasted three days, so it didn't count. "I know I denied that, but we did date for three days one time and then I broke up with him," she said.

Watch the couple's juicy, tell-all vlog below.

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Now, rumor has it the couple is getting serious about their relationship. Easterling was first seen shopping at a XIV Karats jewelry store on Dec. 29, before being spotted there again on Thursday, Jan. 14.

A day after her latest trip to the store, Easterling went on Instagram to debut a gorgeous diamond ring on that finger, sparking rumors she and Hall were engaged.

Others think it could be a promise ring instead since, you know, the couple has only been officially together for three months.

Maybe Easterling was just picking out a piece of jewelry for herself. If it was really an engagement ring, it's likely the couple would have been shopping together. Easterling and Hall haven't said anything about the rumors, either, so fans shouldn't get their hopes up!