Addison & Bryce Confirmed Their Relationship In A Juicy Confessional Vlog

by Candice Jalili

It's official, people! You can now mark Nov. 30, 2020 as the day Addison Rae and Bryce Hall confirmed their relationship. In a video not-at-all-dramatically titled, "THE TRUTH ABOUT US," Hall and Rae honestly answered fan questions regarding their relationship. There are lots of juicy tidbits throughout the entire video, but I'm going to go ahead and skip to the end when they confirm they're legit a couple.

"We are dating and we've been dating since October 13," Rae revealed. "We're dating officially and this is gonna be really interesting to see where this goes." Hall chimed in to poke fun at rumors their relationship is a publicity stunt by playfully reminding viewers that their "designated breakup date is December 3rd, according to Addison's inside management." Lol.

Still a little confused about their relationship history? Don't worry, Rae cleared that up in the video as well. "We've only broken up one time and that was because we dated for three days. It is true. I know I denied that, but we did date for three days one time and then I broke up with him," she shared with a laugh. "After Bryce's little mishap, then we started talking every day and hanging out again. We ended things again talking after his birthday."

Turning her attention to Hall, she added, "I didn't say a word to you, remember? And then we saw each other at places and I would not talk to you. After the birthday scandal then he bought me a gift and wrote me a letter for my birthday and it was really sweet and we were hanging out every single day. He asked me out October 13 to be his girlfriend."

As far as the mishaps Rae is referring to, she's likely talking about the rumors Hall was unfaithful to her at his 21st birthday. Here's hoping things are smoother this time around!

Throughout the video, they also revealed that they didn't have feelings for each other when they first met. Hall's first impression of Rae was that she was "hot", and Rae thought Hall was a "player." Rae also said she wouldn't have even kissed Hall if she didn't have feelings for him, so she was the one who caught the feels first. She also noted that when they were first falling in love, they would say "I love YouTube" instead of "I love you." Is that not the most adorable and also most comically on-brand thing you've ever heard in your entire life?