These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week, So Start Celebrating On Monday

With Mercury retrograde finally out of the way, this week is gushing exciting energy. If you've been holding your breath and trying to keep it together for the past three weeks, you can finally let go and embrace it all. Especially because starting April 16, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn. If you were born under any of these signs, you have a lot to look forward to, because truth be told, this week will be glorious for almost all of us.

We start this week off with a revitalizing band as the new moon in Aries comes to a close. This is a perfect time to reinvent yourself, to start off on the right foot, and make a few promises to yourself. Although Pluto and Saturn will both be going into retrograde and Chiron makes a heavy move into Aries, the positive vibes in the air will make it all worthwhile. The sun moves into Taurus on April 20 and its sensual and grounding energy is sure to dazzle the world with beauty. This forces you to get more in touch with the natural world, to focus clearly on your goals, and settle into place. During Taurus season, you're swept with a calm determination that allows your life to patiently unfold.

Taurus: You're Right Where You're Meant To Be

It's officially birthday season! With the sun moving into your sign on April 20, you're the star of the show. You're confident, charismatic, and a room becomes a lot brighter once you enter it. People want to be around you and you'll attract positive attention like a magnet. Especially because Venus, your ruling planet, is also right at home in your sign. If people are kissing the floor you walk on, giving you opportunities left and right, and spreading the word about how awesome you are, don't even be surprised. Right now, every zodiac sign wishes they were you.

The only thing that could go wrong this week is Pluto, your love planet, entering retrograde on April 16. This can turn the heat down to a simmer but luckily, Venus, planet of romance and love, is still complementing you. Although Pluto retrograde lasts months, there's a chance you might not even feel it this week.

Libra: Passion Will Infuse Everything You Do

If you're feeling extra sexy this week, it's not a coincidence. When the sun enters Taurus on April 20, your eighth house of transformation and libido becomes fully charged with tempting energy. This is only emphasized by the fact that Venus, your ruling planet, happens to be turning you on in your eighth house as well. To boot, Taurus is the most sensual sign in all the zodiac, making you extremely in touch with your body and honestly, horny AF. Your aura will get everyone hot and bothered, so enjoy your powers of seduction this week.

However, your budget might begin to tighten with your money planet, Pluto, going into retrograde. Saturn, ruler of your home and family, will also cause confusion over your identity. Luckily, the majority of planetary aspects are in your favor this week and you'll be too lost in the throes of pleasure to notice anything go wrong.

Capricorn: You're In For A Wild And Exciting Ride

When the sun moves into Taurus, it causes a rapture in the best astrological house of all time: your fifth house of entertainment and pleasure. When you feel this exciting and invigorating energy emitting from Taurus, a sign you're super compatible with, the fun you can have is truly limitless. This is a great week to open yourself up to some lively opportunities and embrace your need for an adventure. Keep your schedule jam-packed with celebratory activities. If there's nothing "real" to celebrate, celebrate being alive.

However, this week is still a bit of a wild card for you because Saturn, your ruling planet, is also going into retrograde on April 17, right at the beginning of the week. This is going to force you to do some serious introspection and you'll wonder if you're on the right track in life. But hey, with your fifth house all lit up, I doubt you'll even notice it at the moment. In fact, maybe a little spice in life is exactly what you need right now.