These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week, So Breathe A Sigh Of Relief Now

We're fully immersed in the rejuvenating energy of April and all signs point to ecstasy. If last week was full of pessimism and melancholy, it completely makes sense. We were receiving some seriously negative vibes from Mercury retrograde squaring Saturn. However, you can rest assured that everything will sort itself out because starting April 9, 2018, this week will be the best for these zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, and Leo. If you were born under any of these signs, you have every reason to be excited.

First and foremost, the perils of Mercury retrograde will finally come to an end on April 15. All the communication clumsiness and transportation woes will be a thing of the past. That very same night will grant us a new moon in Aries, filling us with determined and reinvigorating energy. You'll be able to take all your pain, and harness it into something magical. In the days leading up to this new moon, Venus and Mars will be in trine, which will infuse passionate wonders into our relationships, even with the effects of Mercury retrograde still tapering off.

With the sun still in enthusiastic Aries, Mars motivating us in Capricorn, and Venus in sensual Taurus, this week is bound to be beautiful for these three signs:

Aries: You'll Feel Satisfied With Yourself

For the past few weeks, Mercury retrograde has been spilling its negative influence into your first house of the self. This might have made you feel extremely sensitive, perhaps even self-conscious. The fact that depressing Saturn added its own twist into the retrograde didn't help matters.

However, this week is far more optimistic and you'll feel light cleansing all the darkness. Even though you might feel slow moving and putting off responsibilities, you'll be present in the moment and able to find limitless joy in your loved ones and in the promise of the future. In the days leading up to the new moon, you'll feel the warm and fuzzy vibrations of self-love filling your heart. By the time you reach the new moon in Aries on April 15, you'll feel energized and filled to the brim with possibility, like you can conquer anything you set your mind to.

Taurus: You'll Feel Motivated And Confident

With Mercury retrograde swelling your internal world with chaos, you've been spending the past few weeks feeling like destroying everything and starting all over. Well, you made it through the battle zone because on April 15, the aftermath will be full of balance and harmony.

The fact that Venus is in your sign showers you with alluring confidence. Venus in Taurus is lovely for us all because Venus, your ruling planet, is right at home. You're feeling beautiful in your own skin, like you're the most attractive person to walk the face of this Earth. Trust me, everyone will notice. Don't be surprised if every pair of eyes that passes you on the street does a double take. This will do wonders for your social life and strengthen the possibility for a romantic connection. You'll feel like signing yourself up for some daring adventures.

You'll feel this magic enhancing each day leading up to the new moon on April 15. Something amazing is brewing. You'll soon find out what it is.

Leo: Your Energy Will Be Magnetic

You may have felt like you've been all over the place for the past few weeks with Mercury retrograde in your ninth house of travel and philosophy. You're probably stressed out by conflicting revelations, maybe even exhausted by tumultuous movement. However, by April 15, you'll feel like you've been put back together again.

Your ability to charm everyone around you is a talent you will feel compelled to use this week. Whether your charisma dazzles your social life or maximizes the profit of your enterprise, this week is one full of productivity and reward. The best part is how you won't even feel like you're trying that hard. Your entertaining energy and wonderful way with words will come so naturally to you that you won't know when to stop. And why should you? By April 15, you'll be able to look back on all your escapades and glean insight for your next endeavor.