These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & The Energy Feels So Good

If you're ready to start getting things going, I've got some good news for you. As of this week, the sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in Aries, which just so happens to be one of the most energized and confident zodiac signs of all. Aries taps into your inner animal and pushes you to let your instinct take over. This zodiac sign is about never giving up on what you want, never sitting still, and never backing down from a fight. As of April 15, 2019, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Is it any wonder? If you've got fire placements, namely your sun or rising, you're going to feel as powerful as a dragon this week.

Of course, that power comes with great responsibility (and smooth emotional sailing), because it's this week that you'll also experience a full moon in Libra on April 19. As always, a full moon is a time where your emotional reservoir overflows with energy, which can either push you through to the top or tip you over the edge. Since this full moon forms a square with karmic Saturn and shadowy Pluto, you'll likely be facing some tough aspects of your life, which will motivate you to do better. This lunation will also oppose erratic Uranus, asking for swift change. However, since the full moon will form a sextile with positive Jupiter, it's clear that you're on a path towards growth.

Aries: You're Feeling Powerful And Confident About Yourself

This is such a powerful time to be an Aries (or an Aries rising) because, as of this week, the sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be in your zodiac sign. This lights your first house of the self on fire, leaving you feeling more confident, empowered, and ready for the future than you've probably felt in a while. This has been an intense Aries season, particularly due to Mercury retrograde and the fact that it is bookended by no less than two full moons. Trust me, this is an exceptionally transformative Aries season.

Despite all this positive energy, the second full moon will light up your descendent and test your relationships this week. However, know that you have the wherewithal and independence to handle any conflict.

Leo: You're Feeling Adventurous And Free In Your Life

Ah, can you feel the wind rushing against you? Do you hear the wolves howling in the distance? Is adventure calling your name? That's because the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all sending power to your ninth house of expansion and philosophy. If you're holing up at home doing the same things you always do, you're wasting time. Fly like a wild bird and break free from your cage.

However, you should expect difficulty in the form of conversations this week, since a full moon will stimulate your third house of communication. There could be a harsh exchange of words of strange news that gets brought to light. Steady yourself.

Sagittarius: You're Dancing, Singing, Laughing, And Dreaming

You're seeing color, light, movement, poetry, and sparkles wherever you go, mostly because the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. You are literally radiating creative energy like paint spilled all over the floor. Get your hands in it, get stains all over your shirt, and please leave something magical and messy behind.

This is all good and fun, but keep in mind that a full moon will cause quite a disturbance in your 11th house of community. If you're not hanging out with the right people or your "friends" are not there for you in the way you need them to be, it may be time to find new people to hang out with.