4 New Animojis Are Coming To Apple's iPhone X & You'll Want To Try Them All

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There are so many cool iPhone X features; it unlocks with Face ID, it has an edge-to-edge OLED screen, and it has improved battery life (it seriously sounds like the dream). But as most of us Apple fans know, the best part of the iPhone X is the ability to use Animojis, which are basically giant 3-D versions of the emojis we know and love. They detect your facial movements and reflect them, while "talking" as you record your own voice. Luckily, Apple just released new Animojis for iOS 11.3 — and get ready, because they're all hella adorable.

That's right: New Animojis are coming your way. They include a bear, lion, skull, and a dragon. Each one can mimic around 50 facial expressions by using A11 Bionic and the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X, while simultaneously allowing users to record their voices and send them through iMessage. Whether you want to act like an adorable bear, unleash your fierce inner-dragon, channel your inner emo child as a skull, or emulate a super cute lion... you can also talk about your day, or dramatically singing your fave Sia song. It's a pretty freaking dope feature, and we're all wildly obsessed.

You can probably guess the favorite new Animoji of Game of Thrones actress, Emilia Clarke, which she recently shared to Instagram. There's no surprise that the Mother of Dragons chose the dragon Animoji, obvi.

Clarke's caption kinda says it all:


This kind of leaves us wondering if the iPhone X is available in Winterfell, too. We're all just so happy that Khaleesi is finally reunited with her dragon babies via smart phone. All I can say is that technology is the best — bringing families together, one talking animal at a time.

Also, in the realm of using the new Animojis in the best way ever, Twitter user @reneritchie is seriously making me cry. He's lip-synching a Mufasa line with the new lion Animoji. Respect, my friend.

The four life-like new Animojis are going to be added to the 12 already included on the iPhone X, which are a monkey, robot, cat, dog, alien, fox, poop, pig, panda, rabbit, chicken, and unicorn. So by the time iOS 11.3 officially launches in spring 2018, there will be a total of 16 amazing Animojis.

The sad part is that no other iPhone model has this feature, aside from the iPhone X. iPhone X users, however, can send their Animoji recordings to other iPhone users, even if they don't have the X. It's still mad disappointing, though, because us non-X-using peasants won't be able to make our own Animojis. Sorry iPhone 7 (as well as all of you 6, 5, and 4) users. It kind of makes us want to spontaneously drop $999 for one of those babies, no? I'm not sure.

If you're not totally sure how to use Animojis but you're way excited to embody a super adorable bear, it's pretty simple. Grab your iPhone X, and go into your messages. Choose who you're sending an Animoji to, and select "Message Apps." Then, tap the Animoji icon, choose your fave from the enticing selection of adorable Animojis, and hit record. The iPhone will record your face and voice and the Animoji will mimic every facial expression you make, while "talking" in your exact voice. When you're finished after 10 seconds max, hit that "Send" button. Easy as pie.

We're really loving the new addition to Apple's already-extensive library of Animojis, and I'm really just jealous of anyone who gets to fulfill my 2007 dream of being a real-life skull. It's def making most of us wish we had the iPhone X, taking the world of emojis to a whole new level.

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