Anna Wintour Made Her Favorite First Lady Clear, & It's Not Melania Trump

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When it comes to fashion, very few people can match Vogue's famous editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. For years she's been known as an icon due to her style, signature hair bob, and (rumored) ruthless leadership skills. She may be fluent in the art of fashion, but she's also quite of connoisseur in the art of throwing shade as well. Don't believe me? Just pay attention to Anna Wintour's comments about Melania Trump's fashion and you might be convinced.

On Thursday, July 18, Wintour appeared on The Economist's podcast to discuss fashion in the 21st century. During the interview, The Economist’s Anne McElvoy brought up how fashion can intersect with politics, and asked Wintour what her thoughts were on first lady Melania Trump's fashion sense. “[Trump] I think, very consciously, wanted to see herself as an ambassador for British fashion, in this case, or a transatlantic ambassador," McElvoy asked, referencing the Trumps' June visit to the United Kingdom. "Do you value that?”

Despite McElvoy's question, Wintour decided to focus her answer on another famous figure — specifically, former first lady Michelle Obama. Wintour said,

Well, I think First Lady Michelle Obama really was so incredible in every decision she made about fashion. She supported young American designers. She supported designers, indeed, from all over the world. She was the best ambassador this country could possibly have in many ways, obviously, way beyond fashion.

Seeing as Wintour didn't necessarily answer her question, McElvoy asked again what the editor-in-chief's thoughts were on the current first lady. Wintour's response? She ignored Trump yet again. "To me, [Obama] is the example that I admire," Wintour replied.

Elite Daily reached out to Vogue for further comment on Wintour's thoughts on the first lady, but did not hear back in time for publication.

Even if Wintour may be dismissing Trump at the moment, the current first lady does have a history with Vogue. In 2005, Trump appeared on the cover of Vogue wearing her wedding dress to celebrate her marriage to President Donald Trump. However, since becoming first lady, Trump has yet to be photographed by Vogue, in contrast to the publication's tradition. The magazine has featured first ladies in their publication going all the way back to Lou Henry Hoover, who was featured in the magazine in 1929, and Hillary Clinton made history when she was the first sitting first lady to be featured on Vogue's cover in December 1998. Since then, a number of first ladies have appeared on Vogue's cover while in the White House, but it seems likely that Wintour had some preferences. Michelle Obama appeared on the cover three times while as first lady, including in December 2016, right before her husband President Barack Obama left office.

In Wintour's defense, Obama has earned a reputation for her contemporary style and fashion sense. While in the White House, Obama set herself apart from first ladies by sporting bright colors, jumpsuits, and even jeans on occasion. Plus, she's been dressed by world-renowned designers and stylists, including Tracy Reese, Rachel Roy, Michael Kors, and Naeem Kahn. Basically, Obama has always been #onfleek when it comes to her outfit of the day. Am I the only one who's having serious wardrobe envy right now?

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I'm sure Wintour does have an opinion on Trump's style, but her utter dismissal of the current first lady is one of the most subtle acts of shade I've personally ever witnessed. Time will only tell if Trump lands a Vogue cover in the future. As the 2020 presidential election creeps ever closer, her time may be limited.