Angela & Clay’s Zodiac Signs Might Reveal Why They Broke Up

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Bachelor in Paradise is always full of awkward moments, but undoubtedly one of the most cringeworthy dynamics this season has been between Clay Harbor and Angela Amezcua. The two recent exes both showed up to the beach looking for love, even though it seemed like neither of them was fully over one another. Angela Amezcua and Clay Harbor’s zodiac signs reveal a clue as to why their relationship wasn’t built to last.

Though it’s unclear exactly why these two broke things off, Angela has said it was Clay’s choice, citing his need to be alone and “find himself.” But she also said it hasn’t been a clean breakup, implying that they might have continued to talk after Clay ended things. And though Clay and Angela have both asserted their desire to move on, it definitely created some tension in Paradise as they dated other people right in front of each other. Clay has been getting pretty serious with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, and Angela went on a date with Chase McNary and ultimately gave him her rose. Whatever happens, it’s not looking like Clay or Angela plan on trying to rekindle their past love.

And there might be a pretty good reason for this. Clay and Angela’s zodiac signs provide clues as to what their seven-month relationship was potentially like. Clay is a Cancer, born on July 2, a sensitive and caring sign who loves the idea of being in love. Cancers are loyal, committed, and steadfast to whomever they choose to be their partner. But they can also be hesitant to reveal the deepest desires of their heart. Cancers love hard, and they are terrified of getting their heart broken — so when they do run away from a relationship, it could be that they never felt comfortable expressing their feelings.

Angela, meanwhile, is a Scorpio, born on Nov. 20. Scorpio is another water sign that loves deeply and passionately — and when they choose to be with someone, they’re all in. Scorpios want an intense, all-consuming relationship with serious sexual chemistry. They’re fiercely protective and devoted, but they can also be jealous and possessive when they’re in a relationship that makes them feel insecure.

Scorpio and Cancer together can either be a winning combination or a crash-and-burn scenario. They both give their all to their relationships, and they love the idea of being monogamous with someone they truly care for. They feel emotions deeply and can tend to be dramatic when things don’t go the way they want. If Cancer and Scorpio learn to communicate about their shared need for attachment and closeness, they can develop a meaningful connection. But if they both put up walls emotionally, they’ll tend to let resentment simmer until it all comes to a head.

It’s likely that Clay and Angela just never got over this hurdle. From the looks of it, they fell for one another really fast (they went public on Instagram in September 2018, just a few months after Angela finished filming Bachelor in Paradise Season 5). And while they appeared to be super in love, they might have ignored communication red flags that became a problem for them later on. Unless Cancer and Scorpio both feel fully safe to be vulnerable, they have trouble letting down the facade of perfection and happiness they both put on.

Clay and Angela’s relationship looked blissfully happy on social media, but it may not have been such a fairytale in real life. Although things between the pair appear to be over for good, they might be able to find happiness with other partners on Bachelor in Paradise this season. And hopefully, they’ll both feel valued enough to let their guard down and just be themselves.

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