Anastasia Beverly Hills Just Teased A New Liquid Foundation That Will Give You 50 Shades Of Dewy Coverage

by Kelsi Zimmerman

On Tuesday, April 23 Anastasia Beverly Hills' brand president, Claudia Soare, took to Twitter and Instagram to let followers and customers know that the brand will be dropping a new foundation come August. The best part? Anastasia Beverly Hills' new foundation will come in a whopping 50 shades. That's right, 50 shades of wonderful, ABH-approved coverage.

Claudia, also known on Twitter and Instagram as Norvina, first took to her Twitter to post a video of a board with pictures of 50 different models. In the video, she can be heard saying "Since I'm telling on myself today, August, I can't wait for you. It's going to be so good!" Claudia paired the video tweet with the text "I’m feeling reckless".

The brand's president then went on to share tidbits of information about the foundation in a series of tweets. She confirmed that the foundation is liquid and will offer a dewy finish and that "it doesn't need to be set". So if you're someone that doesn't like the feel of a makeup setting spray, then ABH's new foundation will be for you.

While Claudia shared that that the foundation will become available in August, there was no mention of price just yet. However, I’m willing to bet that we can expect for it to be in the $40 range, just like its competitors and other products in the ABH line.

Claudia also went on to share in a tweet that the brand is having a little trouble with retailers not wanting to carry the entire shade range. "Also would be great if you guys could support me by telling these retailers that I really do need all 50 shades in the store cause I’m getting some pushback," she said in a tweet. And less than a day after posting, she then took to Twitter again to claim that she has already received a few calls from retailers wanting to take the full range of 50 shades, so it looks like ABH stans did their job.

So if you weren’t already on board with copping the foundation, seeing how the brand stood their ground and kept every single shade might change your mind.

The new foundation is their first-ever liquid foundation and comes after ABH's OG Cream Stick Foundation that is available in 30 different shades.

This reveal comes on the heels of the beauty industry making major efforts to improve inclusivity and embrace people of all colors, sexes, ages, and sizes. With their new shade range, ABH will find themselves among the likes of Morphe, which offers their foundation in 60 shades, and Fenty, Flesh, and Cover FX, all of which currently offer foundations in 40 different shades.

The brand president also went on to post the side of the foundation packaging which shares all of the major perks that come along with the foundation — aside from its very inclusive shade range — proving that not only is the brand about inclusivity, but clean, ethical practices as well.

So, come August, not only can you look forward to a foundation that is dewy and inclusive in shade range, but it is long-wearing, vegan, gluten free, and won't give any unwanted flashback in photos as well. If this sounds up your alley then be sure to keep your eyes glued to Claudia's and the ABH brand's social media platforms to learn about any new developments with the launch of the foundation.