Amandla Stenberg Is The New Face Of Fenty Beauty, & A Look At Their Beauty History Shows Why

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While lots of beauty companies tap celebs to be the "face" of their brands, Fenty Beauty has always had their own built-in face, aka founder and real-life makeup goddess Rihanna. And don't get me wrong, I could look at pictures of Riri all dang day, but when I heard who she was recruiting to rep the brand's newest releases, I couldn't have been more excited. Fenty just announced that Amandla Stenberg is the newest Fenty Beauty Ambassador, and considering they've absolutely slayed the beauty game for years now, this feels like the perfect fit. Fenty is all about standing out and loving your own look, and Stenberg has made it their mission to to always go bold, look amazing, and spread love, so I can't imagine a better ambassador for the line.

When I first saw Stenberg act as Rue in The Hunger Games way back in 2012, I could see right through the innocent, frightened character they portrayed, to the badass, empowered person they truly are. When you're a real one, you just can't hide it! And given that Rihanna herself gives off similar take-no-sh*t, love-your-life vibes, I'm not surprised in the slightest that she sought out Stenberg to rep her beauty brand.

Welcome to the Fenty Family, Amandla!

Prior to getting picked as an amassador, Stenberg was already a huge fan of Riri's brand. "I wanted to become a part of the Fenty Family because it’s one of the few beauty brands that make me feel like myself," Stenberg gushed, according to a post on the brand's Instagram. "Fenty Beauty’s whole ethos makes me feel empowered and excited to let different facets of myself shine,” they added, and I totally feel that. I never feel more fierce than when I'm rocking a full face of Fenty, TBH. It's like turning on Rihanna-mode.

Since their Hunger Games debut, Stenberg has served dozens and dozens of gorg beauty looks, and while I'd love to play you a slideshow of their 100 most major glams, I'll condense my list and just wax poetic on a few of my top faves instead.

Let's start with their look from the Vanity Fair Oscars Party this year. A classic au naturale Riri beat, enhanced by a subtle cat eye flick and and some beautifully bushy, brushed-up brows:

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Stenberg isn't afraid of color, though — in fact, it's kind of their "thing." Catch me trying to copy this gorgeous neon orange graphic liner ASAP:

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I'm also a fan of this dramatic, deep brown eyeshadow. Imagine how long this took to blend! So good:

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Jumping back to color, Stenberg's periwinkle color splash lids are my favorite look of theirs to date, hands down. No one else is allowed to wear this shade of blue ever again. Only Amandla:

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Okay, actually, Stenberg is the only one allowed to wear any shade of blue on the eyes, periodt. No one else can compare! Maybe Rihanna, but that's a hesitant maybe:

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This monochromatic pink moment paired with their blonde buzz cut is also serving me major summertime vibes. If I tried this, I'd look like I had pink eye, but of course on Stenberg it's a ~look~:

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They're also not opposed to some old Hollywood glamor! This bronzy lid and red lip is a combo that never gets old:

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Still, Stenberg is a risk-taker, which is why this blue lip looks just as incredible. Again, don't even try to wear blue makeup if you aren't Amandla! Sorry not sorry:

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Shout out to Stenberg for joining the Fenty Family, and props to Rihanna for selecting such a great ambassador for the brand. I can't wait to gush over more photos of Amandla looking fierce, this time in a full face of Fenty products.