Alyson Stoner Shaved Her Head In Her Latest Music Video For An Incredibly Inspiring Reason

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Out of all the Disney stars I obsessed over in my childhood, it's safe to say Alyson Stoner was the coolest of the cool. Her vibe was always on point, whether she was dancing in a Missy Elliot video or showing off her acting chops in Camp Rock, and as she's matured and come into her own, she's continued promoting the importance of being yourself. That said, just recently Alyson Stoner shaved her head in her latest music video, and the reason why will make you so, so proud of her and her honest journey to self-love.

If you don't recall, Stoner got real with Teen Vogue way back in March of 2018 in which she made her queer identity known to her fans. She admits to seeking out therapy as a tool to better understand her emotional state the first time she experienced feelings for awoman. "Like many, I had internalized some of the harmful beliefs and misconceptions about LGBTQ people and identities," Stoner told Teen Vogue. The essay was honest, brave, and powerful, just as Stoner has always been, and as she continues on her journey of self-acceptance, she's keeping fans in the loop for both the ups and the downs.

While she continues embracing who she is on the inside, it seems Stoner was eager to make a change on the outside, too. It's normal for people to crave a physical change or a change in their appearance to signify a more internal shift, and Stoner finally got her chance while filming her latest music video for single "Stripped Bare."

Back in August 2018, Stoner spilled to her Twitter followers about her desire to get rid of her long, brown locks:

And now that she's finally at a place of self-love and reclaimed power, she's do exactly that, and included it in her music video for all the world to see:

"I know you thought it was a sad song, but this shit is an anthem," she sings in the first verse, and at just under three minutes into the video, the music stops altogether. Stoner takes a pair of scissors and starts cutting her hair, letting the pieces drop with a smile that makes her newfound weightlessness apparent. She takes an electric razor to the rest, and voila — the deed is done.

Alyson Stoner/Instagram

Stripped Bare is not just a song for me. It’s a line in the sand and a personal commitment to change my future direction, no matter how daunting and unclear," Stoner shared with fans on Instagram. "To allow old, familiar things to die and kill off the ego that keeps me fixated on the rear-view mirror, even when nothing beautiful is coming from it.

While many immediately tie celebs shaving their heads to a Britney-esque breakdown, it's clear that Stoner's hair change is representative of her growth. “Shaving my head is an act of mental health and confidence, not self-destruction,” she told People. “I can’t tell you how many beliefs and opinions and insecurities fell to the floor with every tuft of hair, and I’m leaving them there. I’m shedding one era and rising as a new being in real time.” In addition to becoming comfortable with her sexuality, Stoner tells People about struggles involving other issues, including eating disorders, anxiety, and OCD tendencies.

This story, the song, and Stoner herself, shaved head and all — it couldn't be more beautiful. Check out the video for yourself to see Stoner's transformation in action: