Aldi's Summer 2021 wine, beer, and hard seltzer offerings include so many sangria options.

Aldi Is Selling A Boxed Sangria & So Many New Boozy Sips For Summer

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Aldi

It's time to start stocking up on all the boozy sips you need for pool days and backyard chillin' (if you're 21 years old or older). Thankfully, Aldi's summer 2021 wine, beer, and hard seltzer offerings include fruity combos that'll keep you refreshed in warmer weather. With everything from a boxed sangria to berry hard cider, here's Aldi's lineup of seasonal sips.

Aldi is bringing out all the stops for spring and summer, starting with these May Aldi Finds that offer a whole slew of beverage options available all season long, including throughout the summer. Of course, availability will vary by store, but you should have some time to try out the new special boozy drinks that'll be your go-to sips this season. This post will be updated with new summer drinks at Aldi as they're announced.

If you're looking to spice up your usual glass of vino, you'll want to check out the sangrias that drop on May 19. Featuring grape wine combined with natural flavors, the Moiselle Couture Collection Sangria has a 10% ABV, while the Moiselle Couture Collection White Sangria has a 7.5% ABV.

Another offering that's perfect for at-home gatherings is the Casa Sangrioso Sangria Rosé Box Wine. With a 7% ABV, the sip is best served chilled or over ice and finished off with fresh fruit, according to its packaging. The refreshing beverage will complement anything from appetizers to barbecue with its blend of grape wine and natural flavors. You can purchase the boxed wine beginning May 26.

Courtesy of Aldi

Of course, summer days spent chillin' outside pair perfectly with a light sip. Almondo Almond Sparkling Wine, which hits shelves on May 26, will take your wine game to the next level with its natural almond flavors.

There's also hard cider for sale — the Wicked Grove Variety Pack, which costs $14.99, features three different flavors: Very Berry, Elderflower, and Crisp Apple. If you'd prefer just one flavor, you can purchase the Wicked Grove Very Berry Hard Cider pack when it hits shelves on May 26. A three-pack costs $6.99. For beer fans, you'll want to pick up some State of Brewing Dry Hopped Sour Ale for $6.99 when it drops on May 12.

Courtesy of Aldi

Hard seltzer isn't new to Aldi, but you can switch up your go-to seltzer options with Vista Bay Hard Seltzer. The 12-can variety pack that launched in 2019 comes with four tasty flavors: Lime, Black Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, and Raspberry. There's also the new Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Lemonade, which will be on sale at Aldi beginning May 14. You can purchase a 12-can variety pack – which includes Original, Mango, Strawberry, and Black Cherry flavors – for $11.99.

You can find the wine, beer, and seltzer offerings at nationwide Aldi locations this summer. To find a location near you, simply use Aldi's store locator. When you head to the grocery store to pick up drinks, remember to keep in mind the most updated CDC guidelines on mask-wearing and running errands.