Aldi's New Line Of Hard Seltzers Will Include Flavors Like Coconut Mango & Ruby Grapefruit

Courtesy Of Aldi

Rosé is basically omnipresent at each and every warm weather happy hour — from frozé to spritzers, it's almost hard to avoid it (not that I'd ever want to avoid it). Alternatively, though, hard seltzer is equally refreshing (and between you and me, sometimes it's the better option). Regardless of your stance, though, there's no doubt in my mind that Aldi's new Vista Bay Hard Seltzers will be an option at any and all of my rooftop parties this season — it's going to come in four refreshing flavors that look truly remarkable.

German discount grocery store chain Aldi has been working hard this past year, and just in time for spring, they're releasing their own line of hard seltzers. Yes, you heard that correctly, and I'm almost too pumped. The line is officially called Vista Bay, and for all of my fellow bubble lovers, this is seriously major. It's — without a doubt — what I needed this season.

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer is going to come in four refreshing flavors, according to Aldi, and each of them sounds pretty ideal for summer, including: Ruby Grapefruit, Lime, Black Cherry, and Coconut Mango. And while each and every one of these flavors look downright tasty (especially that Coconut Mango!), Vista Bay's price point is seriously clutch for anyone ballin' on a budget right now.

Courtesy Of Aldi

If you're interested in snagging some of this bubbly goodness for yourself, you can get a six-pack of a single flavor for only $5.89, according to Aldi. Yes, you heard that correctly — it's way cheaper than any old six-pack of craft beer, so it definitely goes without saying I'll be getting myself all four flavors as soon as I possibly can. They'll officially be released on May 2, and honestly, I wish I could pre-order a box (or three) ahead of time.

And while Vista Bay Hard Seltzers' flavors and price point are pretty unbeatable, they're also incredibly versatile. Whether you're sipping them straight out the can after work, if you decide to enjoy it in a frosty glass while watching Beyoncé's Homecoming, or if you're using them as a mixer (seriously, they could make for an unreal cocktail additive!) they're basically perfect for anytime you're craving a boozy sip (as long as you're 21 years or older).

Courtesy Of Aldi

While these RTD treasures are perfect for any party or night out, Aldi is also coming in clutch for Sunday brunch. In case you haven't already heard, the chain released pre-made mimosas in 750-milliliter bottles for $8.99 a piece. They taste a little different than the average mimosa, however. Each bottle contains freshly squeezed orange juice and premium dry white wine, so there's no Champagne. Regardless, they sound undeniably delicious... and will save you cash on eating out this weekend.

Aldi's new hard seltzer is coming in clutch this season. The Coconut Mango flavor truly sounds like everything I could ever want, and at only $5.89 for a six-pack, it's straight-up unbeatable. 2019 is panning out to be the year of hard seltzers, and if you ask me, Vista Bay is definitely giving rosé a run for its money.